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Seth Morgen Long’s Journey While Capturing a 100-Point Chardonnay on the Weinnotes Podcast


Tualatin, Oregon, May 8, 2024 —Join us on the Weinnotes Podcast for a captivating episode featuring Seth Morgen Long, the exclusive Oregon Chardonnay producer and one of only two Oregon winemakers to achieve the prestigious 100-point rating for a Chardonnay. This special interview is set in the atmospheric barrel room at Sequitur, offering a profound look into the journey and achievements of Seth Morgen Long, the passionate force behind Morgen Long Winery in the Willamette Valley.

Dedicated solely to crafting exceptional Oregon Chardonnays, Seth shares his unique story from his formative experiences in Burgundy to mastering the Chardonnay varietal in Oregon’s diverse terroir. This episode dives into his philosophical approach and innovative techniques that combine traditional winemaking with modern practices to distinctly express the qualities of Oregon’s vineyards.

Seth’s success in producing a 100-point Chardonnay is not only a personal milestone but also a significant marker of Oregon’s rising prominence on the global wine stage. He reflects on how this achievement enhances the reputation of the entire region, highlighting the collaborative and quality-focused spirit of the Willamette Valley’s winemaking community.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the precision and dedication required to produce world-class wines that achieve international acclaim. Through Seth’s commitment to focusing exclusively on Oregon Chardonnay, he encapsulates the essence of the region, showcasing its potential to produce wines that stand among the world’s best.

Tune into the Weinnotes Podcast to hear how Seth Morgen Long’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his specialization in Oregon Chardonnay have culminated in creating one of the finest wines in the world. This episode is an insightful masterclass for wine enthusiasts and an inspiring story of passion and perseverance.

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