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Scheid Family Wines Vice President of Winemaking Dave Nagengast Announces Retirement


Vincent Catalaa will lead team as Director of Winemaking  

April 11th – Scheid Family Wines Vice President of Winemaking Dave Nagengast has announced his retirement after 20 years with the Monterey-based wine company. Nagengast was the creative and organizational mastermind behind the company’s portfolio of wines, an early adopter of sustainable farming and winemaking practices, and an innovator in both the vineyard and cellar. Under his leadership, Scheid Family Wines grew from 2,500 cases to 900,000 cases in 10 years.  

“We are incredibly grateful to Dave for his vision and commitment. He was instrumental in the development and evolution of the brands in our wide-ranging portfolio, ensuring quality, consistency and a pure expression of character, whether it was a $10 or a $100 bottle of wine. Not only is Dave a gifted winemaker, he’s an extremely effective leader who has built an incredible team through his calm and effective leadership style. In the winery, he oversaw everything from construction to expansion to sustainability improvements. His touch can be felt everywhere,” said Executive Vice President Heidi  Scheid.  

Over the last several months, Nagengast and the Operations leadership team drew up a strong succession plan with the existing winemaking team. Vincent Catalaa, who has been with the company  for 17 years, has been promoted from Winemaker to Director of Winemaking. Casey Di Cesare will continue as Winemaker for Sunny with a Chance of Flowers, Scheid Vineyards, and Metz Road, and will  take on a new role as Lean Champion, responsible for driving efficiency-improvement processes and  projects. Ellie Loustalot has been promoted from Associate Winemaker to Winemaker for Grandeur and  the Scheid Family Wines’ organic portfolio of brands. Rounding out the team, Shane Green will continue as Winemaker for Scheid Family Wines and Jonathan Masse will continue as Lab Manager. 

About Scheid Family Wines 

Founded in Monterey County in 1972, Scheid Family Wines is ranked among the top 20 largest wine producers in California. The Scheid Family Wines globally distributed brand portfolio includes Scheid Vineyards, Sunny with a Chance of Flowers, VDR (Very Dark Red), Grandeur (organically certified), Fog & Light, Metz Road, District 7, Ryder Estate, and HOXIE, a premium wine spritzer. Scheid Family Wines sells internationally to over 30 countries and is one of the largest producers of nationally distributed exclusive brands.  

The company employs low-impact and organic farming methods, measured water use, integrated pest management, energy reduction techniques, and the recycling of all winery wastewater to irrigate its vineyards. Scheid’s certified sustainable winery is fully powered by renewable wind energy generated by the winery’s 400-foot-tall wind turbine, which also supplies energy to many homes in the local community. Scheid Family Wines farms over 660 acres of organically certified vineyards in the Monterey AVA, making it the largest certified organic winegrape grower in the Central Coast growing region of California.