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Crossover Cocktails Blur the Lines Between Beverage Categories


April 11, 2024 – For spring 2024, drink trends are breaking down traditional beverage categories as wine and spirits are being combined in interesting new ways in crossover cocktail creations. As the experts at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS), the world’s preeminent wine and spirits distributor, are watching the popularity of hard sodas and kombuchas, wine cocktails, and whiskey, tequila or vodka seltzers soar, category lines are blurring. A good example of this crossover trend is the current popularity of wine cocktails, with the classic spritz making a strong comeback on drink menus across the country. Aside from its refreshing nature, the spritz has a lower ABV than other cocktails, making it just one example of how crossover drinks are becoming a popular way to build out no-to-low cocktail programs.

At retail, the crossover trend is also being applied to previously non-alcoholic brands who are now creating products with alcohol in them. SunnyD, the favorite Millennial orange-flavored drink, launched the SunnyD Vodka Seltzer this year, and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and Absolut Vodka recently partnered to launch a line of flavored cranberry juice and vodka ready-to-drink cocktails capitalizing on this classic cocktail pairing.

“Driven by both bartenders and beverage companies looking to push boundaries and create exciting new beverage experiences, the crossover cocktail is the fusion of fun and familiarity delivering novel flavors to consumers,” says Zach Poelma, Senior Vice President, Supplier Strategy and Business Development for Southern Glazer’s.

Zach Poelma, Senior Vice President, Supplier Strategy and Business Development for Southern Glazer’s

In his role as Senior Vice President of Supplier Strategy, Zach Poelma works closely with Southern Glazer’s leadership, as well as the Strategy and Transformation teams, to deliver enterprise-wide solutions. He also leads the Supplier Insights and Analytics team in driving standardized ways of working, supplier performance reporting, and the deployment of strategic planning tools—all of which will add immediate value to Southern Glazer’s corporately managed suppliers. Zach Poelma joined Southern Glazer’s in 2011 in the Office of Strategic Management and most recently, served as VP of Supplier Strategy and Business Development. Prior to joining Southern Glazer’s, he held positions of increasing responsibility in the areas of financial and strategic planning and trade market at leading Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Dannon, UBS, and Burger King.