Iconic Artist Mister Cartoon & Title X Wines Join Forces in a Collaborative Art and Wine Project


April 9th -Paso Robles, CA – Title X Wines pairs artists and winemakers working at the top of their respective fields, to create sculptural art pieces in which site-specific wines are bottled. Their debut release features a glass sculptural piece “Lady Impala” by world renowned artist Mister Cartoon, and a balanced, age-worthy Bordeaux-blend from the Happy Canyon AVA of Santa Barbara County, which the Title X team developed in partnership with winemaker, Tyler Russell.

Legendary Los Angeles-based artist, Mister Cartoon, whom the Title X team called on for this concept, has worked with an impressive roster of artists, athletes and brands including Eminem, Travis Barker, Dr. Dre, Lewis Hamilton, Christina Aguilera, Louis Vuitton, Nike and Supreme. His life story is featured in the Netflix documentary, “LA Originals”.

A long-time collaborator with the Title X team, Mister Cartoon drew inspiration for his wine bottle from his iconic Pinup tattoos and his passion for designing Lowriders with candy paint jobs, presenting them with the task to bring his iconic tattoo to life. This collaborative journey, spanning five years, and initially deemed impossible by 30 glass companies, led to the team discovering a third-generation glass producer in Mexico City willing to take on the challenge. 

The resulting endeavor yielded a unique work of art that authentically embodies Mister Cartoon’s revered status within his culture. Limited to a global production of only 385 magnum bottles, each encased in a custom-designed box, this distinctive bottle underscores the project’s exclusivity and desirability among collectors.

This sculptural bottle will be the first of numerous collaborations by Title X, which will continue to summon groundbreaking artists, top-tier winemakers and innovative creatives driven by a shared vision. By uniting talents from these diverse fields, Title X redefines the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of wine and art, offering an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts. 

“Title X sets a new standard by turning a wine bottle into a sculptural piece. The custom molds we craft are a true canvas for each artist, with their work seamlessly integrated into the glass itself. We don’t merely see the bottles as vessels, but as unique pieces of art that shatter the paradigm of conventionality in the world of wine,” says Matt Suroff, who along with his brother, Mark, founded Title X Wines in 2019. 

“We spent the past two decades merging artists with unique creative projects. We wanted to bring our unconventional marketing and storytelling to the wine world and create a brand that not only thinks outside the box but pushes the envelope of what can be done in and outside the bottle,” says Mark Suroff.

What’s inside the bottle is just as notable as the bottle itself. The exceptional, boutique wine hand-crafted for this project consists of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petit Verdot and 10% Merlot from three select vineyard sites in Happy Canyon. Aged in 80% new French oak, this 2019 vintage was produced in Paso Robles, California. With each limited-edition release, Title X invites enthusiasts to savor not just a fine wine, but an unparalleled experience where tradition meets innovation.

To learn more about Title X Wines, please visit Title X Wine.

About Title X Wines:

Title X Wines was founded in 2019 by brothers Matt and Mark Suroff. Matt, a professional photographer and director, first discovered the enjoyment of drinking fine wines while traveling throughout Europe and South America as a young photo assistant to top fashion photographers. 

For the past two decades, Mark has represented top-tier contemporary artists, with a particular interest in and emphasis on collaborative endeavors. 

Their collective vision is to shape an art piece from the artist’s viewpoint, deviating from the conventional approach of major wine brands embellishing bottles with art. Their highly allocated collaborative efforts represent a convergence of wine and art that speaks to the collectors and connoisseurs of our time. 

Title X Wines is a revolutionary atelier, unifying ground-breaking visual artists, celebrated winemakers and innovative creatives. This intentional collective creates singular sculptural works of art containing wines of terroir and character.