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Empson USA Welcomes Lodali Winery to Its Portfolio


Empson USA’s Piedmont selection expands with Cantina Lodali, a historic Langhe producer gaining attention in the international wine scene.

Alexandria, VA, April 3, 2024 –  Empson USA, the fine wine importer boasting a dynamic portfolio of distinctive estates from Italy, Spain, Chile, New Zealand, and the USA, proudly announces the latest addition to its prestigious Italian selection: Lodali, the historic Barbaresco house. 

Lodali,  located in Treiso, has been a beacon of excellence since its establishment in 1939. Under the direction of the third-generation owner, Walter Lodali, the winery has garnered recognition for its dedication to producing Langhe wines that authentically reflect the region’s unique terroir. 

Central to Lodali’s identity, the Rocca 7 Fratelli Barbaresco comes from a vineyard sitting atop a sandstone formation with a unique calcareous soil, particularly white, and full of stones. Despite the climatic challenges posed by warmer seasons, this area benefits from significant day-to-night temperature variations, particularly during September and October, which are crucial in shaping the aromatic profile of Nebbiolo grapes. Lodali’s Barolo vineyard is located in Roddi, one of the 11 communes of Barolo, which is  characterized by diverse soils, such as silt and sand, and situated at the limit of the Barolo DOCG territory, before entering Alba. 

Walter Lodali continues the legacy of his parents, Rita and Lorenzo, adding his own tireless and progressive approach and abundant charisma. The new premium line, Lorens, which is meant to honor Walter’s father, symbolizes his profound connection to his heritage and represents the highest expression possible of Langhe wines, from vineyards up to 60 years old. Lodali’s vineyards are all cultivated sustainably, without synthetic substances, reflecting a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

“We are proud to welcome Lodali to our portfolio,” commented Empson USA CEO Tara Empson. “The wines are an exciting new take to Piedmont’s viticultural landscape, adding freshness and vibrancy.  We look forward to a successful partnership.” 

The following Lodali wines will be introduced in select markets by Empson USA in 2024:

  • Lodali Chardonnay Langhe DOC
  • Lodali Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
  • Lodali Barbaresco DOCG Rocche dei 7 Fratelli
  • Lodali Barolo DOCG Bricco Ambrogio
  • Lodali “DolceRita” Moscato d’Asti DOCG
  • Lodali “Lorens” Langhe DOC Chardonnay
  • Lodali “Lorens” Barbaresco DOCG Giacone
  • Lodali “Lorens” Barolo DOCG Bricco Ambrogio

For further information about the Empson portfolio visit www.empsonusa.com

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