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Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute Extends the 2024-2025 Scholarship Application Deadline 


April 2nd – ROHNERT PARK, Calif. – The Wine Business Institute (WBI) is pleased to announce  the extension of the application deadline for its Wine Business and Inclusive Excellence Scholarship Program. Aspiring wine industry professionals now have more time to apply  for this renowned program, with the deadline extended to April 30, 2024. 

The Wine Business Institute Scholarship Program is aimed at supporting talented  individuals pursuing careers in the wine industry. The Inclusive Excellence Scholarship  Program is committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive wine industry by  supporting a broad range of scholars, including women and individuals from  underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds. Both the Wine Business and Inclusive  Excellence Scholarship Program offer financial assistance and opportunities for  professional development through education. With the extension, applicants will have  the chance to submit their materials and compete for the available scholarships until the  new deadline. 

In addition to the deadline extension, the Wine Business Institute is excited to introduce a new scholarship to the program donated by the Sonoma County Vineyard Technical  Group, that is focused on shaping the foundation of future leaders within the wine  growing side of the industry. 

Applications for the Wine Business Institute and Inclusive Excellence Scholarship  Program, including the newly introduced Sonoma County Vineyard Technical Group scholarship, are now open. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the Wine  Business Institute’s website for more information on eligibility criteria and application  details. 

About the Wine Business Institute  

The Wine Business Institute (WBI) serves as an intellectual and industry center for  faculty, students, and the business community. Founded in 1996 as a partnership  between the wine industry leaders and the School of Business and Economics at  Sonoma State University, the WBI provides research that informs industry best  practices and program curriculum. For more information about degree and certificate  programs or wine business research https://sbe.sonoma.edu/winebiz.  

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