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Famille Hugel Launches 0.0, the First Alcohol-Free Riesling in Alsace


Riquewihr, April 1, 2024 – Famille Hugel today announced the launch of 0.0, its first alcohol-free Riesling. Present in Riquewihr since 1639, Famille Hugel is continuing the family tradition, with the 13th generation now at the helm of the wine estate, while at the same time becoming more independent, in order to continue to promote Alsace wines throughout the world.

Jean Frédéric Hugel (13th generation): “Riquewihr is undoubtedly the most suitable terroir for making great non-alcoholic wines. Our aim is to rapidly have a wide range of 0.0 wines beyond this Riesling, because all the great grape varieties have the potential. Finally, being the first in Alsace to promote Grands Crus 0.0 would be a real step forward for our region.”

Always on the lookout for trends, Famille Hugel has not remained insensitive to the current craze for ‘No Lo’ wines (zero alcohol or low alcohol). The estate has selected a parcel of Riesling from the Schoenenbourg to produce what it believes to be the perfect wine: unrivalled in its lightness, 0.0 evokes the famous Riesling grape with its evanescent aromas and minerality akin to the purity of grand cru spring water. What’s more, as it is 100% vegan and gluten-free, this wine will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur.