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Stoller Wine Group Partners with Enolytics to Drive Revenue Growth and Enhance Customer Experience


Stoller Wine Group LogoDayton, OR (March 14, 2024) – The Stoller Wine Group, collection of family-owned wine brands from Oregon’s Willamette Valley that has earned a reputation as one of Oregon’s most dynamic wineries by thinking and acting differently than their peers, has partnered with Enolytics, a leading provider of advanced data analytics solutions for the wine industry, to leverage their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) software. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for Stoller Wine Group as they aim to revolutionize their customer engagement strategies and drive sustainable growth in the competitive wine market.

Enolytics’ DTC software offers wineries powerful tools to harness the potential of data analytics, enabling them to make informed business decisions, optimize marketing efforts, and enhance customer satisfaction. By leveraging Enolytics’ cutting-edge technology, Stoller Wine Group seeks to boost revenue, improve member retention, and elevate the overall customer experience for their brands.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Enolytics and the adoption of their innovative DTC software,” said Amira Makansi, director of marketing at Stoller Wine Group. “In today’s dynamic wine industry, understanding our customers’ preferences and behaviors is paramount. Enolytics’ data analytics capabilities will provide us with invaluable insights to tailor our offerings, strengthen relationships with our members, and drive sustainable growth.”

Enolytics’ DTC software empowers wine businesses like Stoller Wine Group to:

  • Gain deep insights into customer preferences and purchase patterns.
  • Personalize marketing campaigns and offerings to target specific customer segments.
  • Enhance member loyalty and retention through tailored experiences and retention programs.
  • Optimize inventory management and pricing strategies based on real-time business trends.
  • Drive revenue growth and maximize profitability in direct-to-consumer sales channels.

“We are delighted to welcome Stoller Wine Group to the Enolytics family,” said Cathy Huyghe, CEO/Co-Founder at Enolytics. “Our mission is to empower wineries with the tools and insights they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We look forward to supporting Stoller Wine Group in their journey towards achieving greater success and delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.”

About Stoller Wine Group

Stoller Wine Group is a family of wine brands from Oregon wine pioneer, Bill Stoller. We take pride in our B Corp certification, knowing that we “walk the walk” when it comes to our goal of building a company that lasts for generations. With our every action, we are active members and supporters in the community, which is why we are proud to be perennially voted as one of Oregon’s most admired companies by the Portland Business Journal. For more information, visit www.stollerwinegroup.com.

About Stoller Family Estate

Stoller Family Estate is one of the most highly regarded vineyards and wineries in Oregon. Pioneering Oregonian and Founder Bill Stoller purchased his family’s second-generation farm in 1993 with the vision of cultivating an enduring legacy for the land and Oregon wine industry. Over the last 30 years, he has patiently transformed the 400-acre property into the largest contiguous vineyard in the Dundee Hills. Stoller Family Estate features the world’s first LEED® Gold certified winery, three guest homes and a state-of-the-art tasting room with panoramic vineyard views. Named Oregon’s Most Admired Winery by the Portland Business Journal for nine consecutive years and a seven-time 10Best Tasting Rooms honoree in the USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice poll, there has never been a better time to plan your visit. For more information, visit www.stollerfamilyestate.com

About Enolytics

Enolytics is changing the way wine and spirits companies grow through the power of data. Their SaaS-based solutions provide data-driven business intelligence and advanced analytics to beverage alcohol companies around the world through their user-friendly platforms. A woman-owned business, Enolytics balances the warmth of wine and food world relationships with level-headed pragmatism and real-world financial savvy to deliver innovative and disruptive technological solutions to the industry. For more information, visit www.enolytics.com.