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Bubbles and Dreams: The Sparkling Journey of Arabilis with Kenny and Allison on the Weinnotes Podcast


Tualatin, Oregon, February 29, 2024 —The Weinnotes Podcast is thrilled to announce a heartwarming and invigorating episode titled “Bubbles and Dreams: The Sparkling Journey of Arabilis with Kenny and Allison,” featuring the founders of Arabilis, a winery dedicated to traditional method sparkling wines. In this episode, Kenny and Allison open up about their personal and professional journey, sharing stories that bubble with laughter, passion, and the pursuit of sparkling wine perfection.

Kenny and Allison’s story is a testament to the power of dreams, dedication, and the joy of crafting something truly special. They discuss the challenges and triumphs they’ve encountered, their commitment to community and collaboration, and the exciting future of sparkling wine in Oregon.

Listeners will also get a glimpse into the personal side of Kenny and Allison’s adventure, from quirky anecdotes to the deep, underlying bond that not only strengthens their relationship but also their business. This episode is not just about wine; it’s about the journey, the people, and the love that goes into every bottle.

Join us on the Weinnotes Podcast for an uplifting and inspiring episode with Kenny and Allison of Arabilis, and raise a glass to the stories that make us dream bigger, laugh louder, and appreciate the journey one sip at a time.



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About Arabilis

Arabilis is an Oregon-based winery that specializes in traditional method sparkling wines, founded by the dynamic duo, Kenny and Allison. With a focus on quality, community, and innovation, Arabilis is dedicated to bringing the best of Oregon sparkling wines to the forefront of the industry.

About the Weinnotes Podcast

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