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The 3rd Annual Texas Wine Auction: Celebrating the Stars Deep in the Heart of Texas


February 27th – JOHNSON CITY, TEXAS – We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 3rd Annual Texas Wine Auction, scheduled for May 4, 2024, at the Carter Creek Winery and Resort in Johnson City, Texas. The event will run from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm, providing an evening filled with camaraderie, fine wine, and the spirit of giving.

Our mission is to identify the community’s needs and provide initiatives that support a healthier hospitality industry. Since its inception, the Texas Wine Auction has raised over $375,000 towards enhancing affordable medical services. Many of our hardworking employees operate on an hourly basis, often working multiple jobs without sufficient time for breaks or proper meals. By providing support and quality physical and mental health options, we aim to uplift these dedicated individuals who contribute so much to our world-class wine and tourism industry.

We are proud to partner with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services to fund programs that educate the consumer and the wine industry about Texas grown wine. Elevating the presence and understanding of Texas grown wine supports our farmers, encourages the planting of more vineyards, adds revenue to our state economy, and enhances the quality and reputation of Texas wines on a national and international stage.

We are grateful to our local community partners who have helped to collect data to aid in the design of our grant programs. The data collected shows a severe mental health crisis in our community and a strong need for additional education on physical and mental health.

Frontera Healthcare Network and the Texas Wine Auction have teamed up to form Wellness Uncorked. The primary purpose of Wellness Uncorked is to promote mental health. Through grant funding we are able to provide free group counseling classes, educational seminars, health fairs and more to workers in the hospitality industry who reside in the Texas Hill Country. Frontera provides both in person and virtual individual counseling services and offers sliding scale discounts for individuals who qualify.

In addition, Texas Wine Auction is also working with a pilot group of local hospitality workers to support their journey to better health. Each individual in the program has gone through a health assessment and provided a score and have been given a 6 month paid membership to the newly renovated Perry and Ruby Stevens Wellness Center located in Fredericksburg, Texas. This state-of-the-art facility offers guidance on cardiovascular health, supportive exercises, and nutritional tips to help individuals meet their overall health and wellness goals. By monitoring the progress of these individuals Texas Wine Auction can continue to build upon this program not only in the Hill Country but throughout the state.

Our 501(c)(3) partner, Texas Wine Revolution, will handle all auction proceeds, grants, and fund distribution. We are deeply grateful to our 2024 presenting sponsor, Robert Ebeling III, MD, and Friendship Lane Center for Cancer Care, for their generous support.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate the stars deep in the heart of Texas! Together, we can support our hardworking hospitality community and contribute to the thriving Texas wine industry.

For more information and participation, please visit our website www.texaswineauction.com.

About Texas Wine Auction

The Texas Wine Auction is an initiative committed to supporting the hospitality industry and promoting health and wellness among its employees. The event funds programs providing health and wellness support for the dedicated individuals of the hospitality industry and enhancing the state’s wine and tourism industry.