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Juggernaut Wines Expands Popular Portfolio with Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


The Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Release Marks The First Imported Wine In Juggernaut’s Fast-Growing Portfolio

CLARKSBURG, Calif. – February 20, 2024 – Juggernaut Wines, building on years of notable brand growth, announced today the introduction of its Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, the newest addition to its portfolio of robust and compelling wines. Juggernaut Wines from the Bogle Family Wine Collection seek to harnesses the power of nature to produce expressive wines adorned with signature alpha predator labels. The inaugural 2023 vintage of the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is available now on Juggernaut’s website and at retail stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of $16.

This milestone release marks Juggernaut’s first internationally grown and imported wine and the second white wine in the portfolio. Cultivated across the Marlborough region of New Zealand, the Juggernaut Sauvignon Blanc as with all wines in the portfolio, is crafted by harnessing the power of nature. Juggernaut’s expressive wines tell a story of resilience and determination, mirroring the animals that adorn the brand’s trademark, eye-catching labels. Juggernaut partnered with the MacDonald family, a family with Maori ancestry and vineyard ownership in some of the most highly sought-after areas within Marlborough located in the Lower Wairau Valley and the Awatere. The Juggernaut Sauvignon Blanc is a blend from both sites. There, the fruit thrives in spite of the powerful sea breezes and intense sun exposure, a testament to the Juggernaut Wines philosophy that the best vineyards are the difficult ones.

“It has been exciting to expand our portfolio for Juggernaut beyond California, and tap into the world-renowned Marlborough region,” said winemaker Eric Aafedt. “Following the success of our Chardonnay last year, the introduction of Sauvignon Blanc to the Juggernaut portfolio felt like a natural next step for the brand. Expanding our horizons to New Zealand was a welcomed challenge that goes perfectly with the Juggernaut ethos that overcoming challenges builds character.”

Every wine in Juggernaut’s portfolio showcases visually striking, instantly recognizable labels. Each varietal is outfitted with its own artistic depiction of an alpha predator (or “juggernaut”), which symbolizes the rugged environments and determined spirit with which the grapes are cultivated. The new Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc depicts a killer whale, which is known to roam the waters around New Zealand. It is the second sea creature in Juggernaut’s series after the Sonoma Coast Chardonnay’s great white shark and joins such formidable creatures as a lion on the Cabernet Sauvignon and an osprey on the Pinot Noir.

The introduction of the Sauvignon Blanc follows a period of strong development and expansion for Juggernaut Wines, which recently hit the milestone of 300,000 cases sold annually. Juggernaut has also established a new partnership with the global clean up organization 4ocean, which is focused on removing millions of pounds of plastic and trash from oceans, rivers and coastlines. As part of the collaboration, Juggernaut is dedicated to removing 10,000 pounds of trash from the ocean in 2024. This venture highlights Juggernaut’s commitment to ocean health as well as the protection of the magnificent animals that live within the seas and are honored on the brand’s labels.

To learn more about the Juggernaut Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and the other wines in the Juggernaut portfolio, please visit https://juggernautwines.com/.

About Juggernaut Wines

Juggernaut Wines believes that overcoming challenges builds character, not just for humans but also for grape vines. Founded in 2018 as part of The Bogle Family Wine Collection, Juggernaut Wines grows grapes in extreme conditions to create wines of untamed character and unrestrained complexity. The wines harness the power of nature to produce robust, compelling wines as expressive as the powerful alpha predators adorning the labels. For more information visit https://juggernautwines.com/.



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