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Casa Lotos, a New-to-Market 100% Pure Sotol Made from the Wild Native Plant of Chihuahua, Mexico, Announces Its Official Entry into US Market with Blanco Offering


NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2024 — Today, Casa Lotos, a new-to-market 100% pure sotol made from the wild native Dasylirion plant of Chihuahua, Mexico, announces its initial entry into the wider US market with a Sotol Blanco offering. Named the “In” spirit for 2024 by The Washington Post, this ultra-premium product is popular in mixed cocktails, on the rocks and neat.

Casa Lotos

Casa Lotos is initially available throughout New York and Florida as well as online via the company’s website: www.casalotos.com.

Casa Lotos’ Sotol Blanco, priced at SRP $49.95, is made from the head of the Dasylirion plant and is carefully hand-harvested in the wild then cooked in a brick oven. The plant is fermented in native pine and double-distilled in copper stills for exceptional flavor and clarity. As part of Casa Lotos’ commitment to the environment, the entire distillation process is powered by solar energy. The hallmarks of the Blanco include a tang of green herbs, with hints of pine, cucumber and green peppercorns on the nose.

“Casa Lotos is a unique spirit whose crisp, bright flavor is the result of fourth-generation sotoleros working in harmony with the natural landscape,” stated Wendy Eisenberg, a Founder of Casa Lotos. “Mixologists, chefs and consumers are combining Casa Lotos into creative cocktails, like Chef Julian Medina’s Lotos y Limon, made with lemon and honey, or the Don Pepino, which mixes Casa Lotos with cucumber, lime and jalapeno. Its versatility means it can also be used as a fresh take on classic favorites like martinis and margaritas, or enjoyed on its own.”

She added “We believe the possibilities for Casa Lotos, as well as the wider sotol category, are limitless.”

Casa Lotos combines a century of knowledge and expertise with sustainable harvesting practices, solar technology, eco-friendly packaging and most importantly, a profound respect for the land.

The moment for sotol is now – favored by celebrities and covered by publications ranging from The New Yorker to Forbes to Bloomberg, who announced at the end of 2023 that sotol “stands out with its untamed essence and uniquely distinctive character.” Additionally, the IWSR recently reported that sotol is a “growing agave-adjacent category,” with potential to capitalize on tequila’s wider success here in the US.

To learn more, visit www.casalotos.com and follow the brand on Instagram.

About Casa Lotos

Casa Lotos is 100% pure sotol, a wild native plant of Chihuahua, Mexico. The distilled heart of the ancient sotol plant yields a spirit as singular and wild as the unspoiled desert it calls home.

Production of Casa Lotos is overseen by fourth-generation sotoleros, combining decades of knowledge with sustainable harvesting practices free of pesticides, powered by solar technology and with profound respect for the land. The result is a fresh, smooth spirit perfect for craft cocktails or sipping on the rocks.



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