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Bahco Pruning Contest in Anderson Valley First Stop of Global Competition


Friday, February 23rd at Roederer Estate will see fierce and animated pruning as well as recognition, fun and prizes for all.

January 29th – Pruning is integral in vineyard management and now those that make pruning happen are getting recognized in a big way by Bahco, a division of Snapon, and a major player in the international market for orchard and vineyard tools.

And, Bahco is not stopping with U.S. pruning competitions. The company’s goal is to take world class pruners to the international level with a global competition in Europe in the next few years, an opportunity for a world class pruner to compete on a world stage, complete with an all expense-paid trip for a winning pruner and their guest.

With their first sponsored pruning contest in Anderson Valley last year, Bahco has decided to jump into this lively competition in a big way with prizes including money, tools, trophies, custom belt buckles and the top prize, a gold-plated pair of pruning tools, or Secateurs as they are known in the industry, intended for display, or vanity purposes only. Bahco will happily provide some shears to winners for work purposes, too.

Mike Morrissey, national sales manager of Bahco, says his company sees great value in pruning contests. “They are good for the community and recognize those integral workers in rural areas with significant prizes,” Morrissey points out. “Not only are competitors judged on speed but precision cuts and consistency. And we have a good time with competition, food and fun for all.”

Bahco, and other lead sponsors Atlas Vineyard Management and Casa Cristal, return to sponsor Anderson Valley’s pruning contest on Friday February 23rd, 2024, at the esteemed Roederer Estate Vineyards. This kicks off their commitment to pruning excellence this year that includes participation in contests in Alexander Valley and Sonoma County, as well as the Central Coast. Bahco will be the main sponsor of their first competition in the Washington State Tri-Cities in March in their quest to sponsor pruning competitions up and down the West Coast of the United States.

This, in addition to competitions for women in many markets, will continue to demonstrate Bahco’s vision of vineyard and orchard pruning as a crucial step in sustainable international best practices in farm management.

“We had such a good turnout and a lot of fun in Anderson Valley in 2023 that we are making this the model for our community pruning contests, which we feel are a win-win for participants and our corporation,” says Bahco’s Morrissey. “We invite everyone to come and participate either in the contest or as a spectator. Let’s show our appreciation for this vital skill in our vineyards and orchards.”

Press participation is encouraged and accommodations are available. Photos, a video & a summary from last year’s competition are available on AVWWINES.com

And it’s not too early to get tickets for the always sold-out Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival May 17-19, 2024 – early bird tickets are now available. Or, the upscale Winter White Wine weekend, February 17-18, 2024 at www.avwines.com.

About the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association

The Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association (AVWA) was founded in 1983 – the same year as the appellation. Made up of 25 vineyard, 66 winery and 63 associate members, the nonprofit organization operates with the goal of supporting the region’s premier grape growers and wineries, as well as promoting the region’s distinguished wines. In addition to acting as a resource for its members, the association aims to better its community by donating funds yearly to local nonprofit organizations.



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