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FIVS-Abridge Announces New Brand Identity


New Name/Logo Reflect Expansion of Database, Including Spirits and Other Alcohol Beverages, as well as Wine

Bethesda, MD (January 20, 2024) – FIVS-Abridge – a comprehensive online database introduced in 2009 for entities trading wine internationally and expanded to include distilled spirits in 2019 and “other alcohol beverages” such as RTDs in 2023 – has announced the unveiling of its new branding identity, Abridge, www.abridgebev.com.  

“We are excited to announce the rebranding of FIVS-Abridge as Abridge,” said Bennett Caplan, President of Abridge. “Our streamlined name and logo reflect how our database has expanded over the past 15+ years to include distilled spirits and other alcohol beverages as well as wine.” 

Abridge™ provides subscribers with the latest regulatory norms and compliance information, as well as relevant international agreements, for 110+ countries around the world. The database addresses the categories of certification, composition, definitions, labeling, production, and tariffs for wine, spirits, and other alcohol beverages. Abridge plans to introduce the category of federal-level taxation later this year.

Companies, both large and small, can enter new markets and maintain their presence with confidence, saving both time and expense, by using Abridge. Subscribers can quickly and accurately identify relevant rules in selected markets. They can view regulations from different countries in side-by-side comparisons arranged by topics. They can gain access to market and industry reports with vital information on the alcohol beverage sector, as well as codes of practice and guidance materials. Abridge also facilitates their ability to network by providing links and contact information for industry, government, and inter- governmental organizations.

Abridge’s team is led by Bennett Caplan, President, and Laurel Parker, Vice President of Operations. Mr. Caplan has worked in the alcohol beverage sector for thirty years – as a partner in an international law firm, an executive focusing on alcohol beverage matters in corporate life, and as head of a global wine and spirits association. Ms. Parker has experience in the global alcohol beverage sector spanning the past decade, having advised European wineries on customs requirements and developed strategies for companies entering the U.S. market.



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