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Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024: An Event at the Forefront of Industry Trends


Paris, January 18h, 2024 –At the approach of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, described as the benchmark international event in the world of wine, Vinexposium invites the wine and spirits industry to take an in-depth look at the challenges currently facing the sector. These challenges, ranging from climate change to new consumer demands, to geopolitical conflicts and economic and trade issues, are driving the entire wine and spirits sector to explore innovative solutions to contribute to its necessary evolution.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 is characterized by a very significant increase in international exhibitors (+59% compared to 2023), led by Italy, Portugal and Spain, which represent 67% of international exhibitors.


 Eminent international experts will debate and explore the following issues at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, to be held from February 12th  to 14th  at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The show’s rapid growth also means more sessions included in the ON! program this year.

  • The joy of discovery

Despite a slowdown in the global consumption of wines and spirits, consumers remain interested in discovering new horizons, with the desire to feed their curiosity with a wide variety of appellations, grape varieties, terroirs… The spirits market is also passionate about liqueurs produced in all latitudes. Pisco, mezcal and tequila benefit from this curiosity, while whisky appeals to the Indian consumers, rum to the United Kingdom and cognac to Japan.

  • The growth of “no/low”

One of the most striking trends to emerge at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris in recent years is No/Low alcohol, a contraction of the notions of abstinence (“no alcohol”) and moderation (“low alcohol”), which is attracting a growing number of consumers. While Millennials and Gen Z play a key role in this evolution, the trend now extends to the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants, and is relevant all around the world. The global No/Low market exceeded $11 billion in 2022, with a 7% increase in volume in 10 key markets (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, South Africa, UK, USA and UK). Non-alcoholic beverage volume will grow by 9% between 2022-2026*

  • Increased premiumization

Premiumization has been an active trend in the wine and spirits sector for several years. Post-pandemic consumers are showing a growing interest in premium products, unique wines, high-end spirits, and exclusive tasting experiences. This trend is fueled by the desire for quality, authenticity, and differentiation. Consumers are selective: they want to drink less but better.

  • The rise of spirits

Since the pandemic, the global spirits market has experienced a period of growth, driven by cocktail culture, the popularity of craft spirits and the increasing popularity of ready-to-drink beverages.


  • Climate change

Every aspect of the sector is affected by this phenomenon. The wine and spirits industry is highly dependent on weather and climate conditions, and the quality of the raw material is significantly affected by these factors. Climate risks can lead to changes in the grape growing seasons. To address these challenges, many wine and spirits producers are implementing innovative strategies, such as changing viticulture practices, choosing grape varieties that are more resistant to climate change, or investing in risk management technologies. The sector is also exploring sustainability approaches to minimize its impact on climate and preserve traditional terroirs. This trend is echoed in the exhibitor profile, with 22% of exhibitors certified organic.

  • Geopolitical issues

The sector is closely linked to geopolitical issues, particularly in terms of production, distribution, international trade and regulation. Economic sanctions imposed by certain countries affect the wine and spirits trade in the same way as trade disputes or armed conflicts. All these factors influence consumer demand and habits, leading to nationalist movements and even boycotts. Consequently, the industry must keep a close eye on geopolitical developments and adapt to minimize risks or take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

  • Sustainability: from the vine to the bottle

Sustainable development is a major issue in the alcoholic beverage sector. Consumers, producers and regulators are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their activities. From the vine to the packaging, sustainable development applies to everyone. Sustainable vineyard management involves reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, preserving biodiversity, managing water and promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.

Consumers appreciate this trend and are increasingly buying sustainable products; thus, producers are striving to reduce the carbon footprint of their activities by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions related to the production, transport and distribution of their products. Faced with consumer pressure, many companies in the sector are adopting sustainable practices, giving them a competitive advantage.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 by the numbers

  • 3,948 exhibitors, with 69 hailing from the US or Canada
  • 47 producer countries represented
  • 59% increase in international exhibitors (and +8% for French exhibitors)
  • 40,000 trade visitors expected, including more than 35% international visitors
  • 122 conferences and masterclasses planned in the official ON! program
  • 155 visiting countries
  • All French wine-growing regions in attendance
  • 35 categories of spirits, no/low, beer and cider available
  • +46% more space for the Be Spirits area
  • An OFF program in Paris with 200 participating restaurants and Cocktail barsleoff-paris.com


Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris is the annual event for wine and spirits professionals from around the world. Hosted in February at a key time of the year, it aims to offer a cohesive focal point for industry players centring on a comprehensive, relevant and inclusive range of products that showcases wine and spirits producer regions from across the globe.  


Vinexposium offers a cohesive focal point for every strand of the wine and spirits industry by designing a variety of relevant event formats, all year round and across the globe. By bringing together exhibitors and visitors at nearly 10 events a year, and its community every day of the year at vinexposium365.com, Vinexposium is the industry’s ally, geared to developing its sales reach.



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