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We Are the Nerds That Love to Discuss All Things Fermentation Related


The Lallemand Oenology team will be located just around the corner from our North American distribution partner Scott Laboratories. Come by and say hello to Shirley Molinari, Shea A.J. Comfort, Kathy McGrath and Gordon Specht!

We are the nerds that love to discuss all things fermentation related and will be happy to give you one of our hot off the press 2024 Lallemand Oenology catalogue that highlights our original yeast, yeast fermentation aids, specific yeast derivatives and other innovative winemaking biologicals.

Come by to ask us what’s new in the world of wine fermentation or simply to say hello. See you there!

Lallemand Oenology
Unified Symposium Booth: 211

Lallemand is a global leader specializing in fermentation. Lallemand is a privately-held Canadian company, founded at the end of the 19th century and belonging to the Chagnon family since 1952. We specialize in the development, production and distribution of natural solutions-based microorganisms and their derivatives for use in the food and agricultural sectors. Since the beginning, our company has been propelled forward by people who are passionate about science in general, and microbiology in particular.

Our understanding of the production process, constant investment in research, innovative strength, expertise and entrepreneurship, have helped us become a leader and a reference in our industry and in the field of fermentation.

All our products benefit from our unique production expertise. With several production sites dedicated to oenology around the world, we invest in the future by adopting a policy to continuously improve our procedures. Managing all the steps in the production of our microorganisms is unique to Lallemand. We are able to offer products that are the result of optimized and qualitative procedures. Committed to our products’ quality and effectiveness, we perform very rigorous checks in all our production units. Our products undergo a number of quality tests before leaving our plants, and traceability is assured up to four years after production. They are not genetically modified, they are vegan,
non-allergenic and meet OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) standards.

Our skill in producing our microorganisms and our strict control of the entire process, combined with in-depth knowledge of our products and their impact on winemaking are our best testament to quality.

Originality is the key to your success. At Lallemand Oenology, we apply our passion for innovation, maximize our skill in production and share our expertise, to select and develop natural microbiological solutions. Dedicated to the individuality of your wine, we support your originality, we cultivate our own.

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Unified Wine & Grape Symposium trade show at the SAFE Credit Union Conventions Center in Sacramento on January 24-25, 2024.



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