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Intuitive Wine Blending Software Powered by AI


Explore the cutting-edge world of winemaking with Tastry CompuBlend® at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Tastry CompuBlend® is intuitive wine blending software powered by AI, your vision and the chemistry of your wine samples analyzed by the Tastry lab. Quickly prototype blend models that include additives, oak treatments, fining agents, and more. CompuBlend® puts you in control of dozens of parameters including chemistry and consumer palate appeal, filtering hundreds of thousands of possibilities into precise blending approaches to achieve your goals.

In Tastry’s TTB-certified lab, our comprehensive chemistry analysis extends beyond the basics. Our reports cover all 96 Tastry characteristics, including Standard Chemistry, Oak, Phenolics, Fruit/Esters, Terpenes & Norisoprenoids, Higher Alcohols, Aldehydes, Smoke Markers, Brett Markers, and Flavor Chemistry. What sets Tastry apart is insights into consumer sentiment, offering a holistic view of your wine’s potential. While our lab services are typically priced at $370 per sample, we understand the importance of fostering innovation in winemaking. That’s why we offer bulk discounts to support your winemaking journey. Visit our booth #A2508, upstairs in Ballroom A, to discover how Tastry CompuBlend® can revolutionize your winemaking experience and open new doors to innovation.

Unified Symposium Booth: A2508

Tastry is a leader at the intersection of artificial intelligence and analytical chemistry. At Tastry, our mission is to bridge the gap between science and consumer satisfaction, empowering sensory-focused businesses to create products that captivate their target audience and drive growth.

Our Expertise:

Analytical Chemistry: We harness the principles of analytical chemistry to unlock the hidden nuances of flavor and aroma, allowing us to decode the sensory world like never before.

Artificial Intelligence: Tastry is at the forefront of AI innovation, leveraging advanced algorithms and techniques to make sense of complex data and transform it into straightforward, actionable intelligence.

Predictive Analysis: We empower businesses with the ability to predict consumer preferences, market trends, and product success with unparalleled accuracy.

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Unified Wine & Grape Symposium trade show at the SAFE Credit Union Conventions Center in Sacramento on January 24-25, 2024.



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