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Agri-Analysis Is Your Trusted Laboratory Partner in Identifying, Managing, and Mitigating Plant Disease Risks


Grapevine diseases can be caused by viral, fungal and bacterial infections and/or a combination of them. These pathogens  can infection grapevines to cause severe diseases to negatively affect grapevine heath and grape production. Our disease testing services can hep identify the cause of a disease and track and trace to its potential source.  They are value added services to help growers in these and other areas:

  1. Source and screen new planting materials such as budwood and rootstocks;
  2. Survey the health status of existing vineyards to aid in management decisions;
  3. Meet requirements of federal, state, and local programs such as the Tree Assistance Program (TAP);
  4. Meet requirements of various sustainability programs;
  5. Diagnosis of vineyard abnormalities such as stunted growth, cankers, diebacks, sudden vine collapse, crown gall, read leafs, uneven lignification, low brix or delayed ripening, etc.
  6. Due diligence in vineyard transactions for both buyers and sellers;
  7. Please visit us to discuss your testing needs.

Agri-Analysis LLC
Unified Symposium Booth: 135

“No Vines, No Wines.” California’s world-class wines depend on the health and well being of our premium vineyards. Disease infected vineyards are not physically, economically and ecologically sustainable. Located in Davis CA, Agri-Analysis has proudly provided grapevine disease testing services to grapegrowers since 1981. We use state of the art technologies such as ELISA, PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, DNA sequencing, fluorescence, bioluminescence, chemiluminescence and nanotechnology to detect various grapevine diseases to help growers protect their investments and mitigate risks in winegrape production.

As growers are faced with increasing risks and challenges from economically important plant diseases, Agri-Analysis is your trusted laboratory partner in identifying, managing, and mitigating these risks and challenges through research, experience, innovation, cooperation and uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

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Unified Wine & Grape Symposium trade show at the SAFE Credit Union Conventions Center in Sacramento on January 24-25, 2024.



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