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Winefi Unveils Innovative Platform to Democratise Fine Wine Investment 


January 5th – Winefi is excited to announce its upcoming platform launch, poised to revolutionise the  landscape of fine wine investment, making it an accessible mainstream asset class.  

By merging cutting-edge FinTech capabilities, an extensive reservoir of educational resources,  and the seasoned insights of its investment committee, Winefi is set to offer diversified  investment-grade wine collections, empowering investors to tap into this unique asset class like  never before. 

“Fine wine has a fascinating investment profile, but investing in wine has remained expensive, complex  and opaque” said Callum Woodcock, CEO and Founder. “Our platform is designed to make  investing in wine as easy as placing a trade on Robin Hood or eToro”. 

Winefi’s platform opens the door for investors to peruse ready-made fine wine collections,  access valuable educational materials, and craft bespoke portfolios tailored to their financial  parameters, investment horizon, and risk tolerance. It further empowers investors to monitor  their performance using the Winefi platform and receive real-time buy/sell recommendations  based on their investment progress. 

Elaborating on the changing investment landscape, Woodcock noted, “Over the last few years, we  have seen private assets become more accessible to those other than just sector specialists. By combining  a seamless users experience with decades of sector specific expertise, we hope to bring a whole new  generation to fine wine and to cement its place in the public imagination as a true alternative asset”. 

Winefi collaborates with a diverse array of trade wholesalers and producers to secure  investment-grade wines at attractive valuations. These wines are then thoughtfully assembled  into diversified collections, making them easily accessible through the Winefi platform. 

Through their new investment platform, Winefi is bringing fine wine mainstream” said Alun Griffiths  MW, a member of Winefi’s high profile investment committee. “Their approach benefits not only  investors, but producers and merchants too, by introducing a previously unserved buyer to the market”. 

Winefi has garnered support from notable investors, including backing from SFC Capital, as well  as contributions from a diverse group of prominent angels associated with companies such as  BlackRock, Fidelity, T Rowe Price, Investec, Dentsu-Aegis, and McKinsey.

About Winefi

Winefi is a fintech platform that democratises fine wine investment, making it accessible to a  broader audience. Through a unique blend of technology, expertise, and curation, Winefi offers  investors the opportunity to explore investment-grade wine collections and create portfolios  that suit their preferences. Winefi.co.uk is backed by SFC Capital and supported by industry  experts and notable angels



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