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Ahead of a Not-So-Dry January, Renowned Napa Valley Winemaker Julien Fayard Introduces Les Vins Julien “Le Blanc Light,™” an Intentional Low-Alcohol Wine


NAPA, CALIF. (December 14, 2023): Renowned Napa Valley winemaker Julien Fayard, along with accomplished sommelier Camille Gaïo, introduces Les Vins Julien “Le Blanc Light™,” a bright, expressive white field blend of California grapes from the Sierra Foothills. The wine is naturally light, expressive and low-alcohol. At $28 per bottle, Les Vins Julien “Le Blanc Light” is available for purchase online at maisonfayard.com and at the new Maison Fayard shop located at 1408 Second St. in downtown Napa, Calif., 94559. 

Beginning with the 2022 vintage, Les Vins Julien “Le Blanc Light” is intentionally more aromatic, more fruit-forward and low-alcohol at 11% ABV. It is a conscious decision that starts in the vineyard with selecting the right locations, farming for slow maturity and harvesting at optimal ripeness with low sugar. 

“Most lighter wines and lower alcoholic beverages found on retail shelves are processed to reduce the alcohol content,” said Fayard, co-owner and winemaker for Les Vins Julien. “However with ‘Le Blanc Light,’ our goal is to craft a quality wine that is fully ripe with naturally less alcohol content, resulting in better, less processed wines.” 

“There is a growing population of consumers that are telling us and showing us with their purchasing decisions that they are interested in easier to drink wines,” said Camille Gaio, co-owner and winemaker for Les Vins Julien. “Les Vins Julien ‘Le Blanc Light’ is simply an answer to the growing demand.” 

Beyond “Le Blanc Light,” the Les Vins Julien portfolio consists of two additional blends, Les Vins Julien California Rosé ($25) and Les Vins Julien Napa Valley Red Blend ($49), as well as nine single-varietal wines from nine widely recognized California AVAs, including:

  • Sauvignon Blanc, Yountville ($35) 
  • Chardonnay, Napa Valley ($38) 
  • Chardonnay, Russian River Valley ($38) 
  • Viognier, Lodi ($33) 
  • Pinot Noir, Central Coast ($29) 
  • Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast ($35) 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast ($35) 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma ($42) 
  • Syrah, Coombsville ($45)

“With a minimalist approach to winemaking, Les Vins Julien embodies our belief that location is expression,” said Fayard. “We created these wines to allow wine drinkers the opportunity to explore a single varietal through California’s diverse winegrowing regions.” 

Les Vins Julien, a collaboration between Fayard and Gaïo, is the result of 55 years of combined experience in the global wine industry, each working for a number of highly regarded brands. Born and raised in Provence, France, Fayard is considered to be one of Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers, producing California varietals with French finesse. In addition to Les Vins Julien and his own namesake label, Julien Fayard Wines, he is the co-proprietor and winemaker for Covert Estate, and is at the helm of his own consulting business, Fayard Winemaking, which directs the winemaking and often business development for more than a dozen brands, mostly from the Napa Valley, but also the Sierra Foothills, Temecula and Provence. 

Gaïo, who was raised in the French Alps, graduated from culinary school as a certified sommelier and worked her way through Michelin-starred restaurants and wine shops in France before shifting her attention to an education in wine science and viticulture at the University of Bordeaux. Before honing her craft as the director of winemaking at Fayard Winemaking, Gaïo worked several international vintages in California, Australia and New Zealand. She is also the co-owner and winemaker for Belharra Wines, producing Rhône-style wines from Napa and Sonoma. 

“Les Vins Julien was created for those who are just beginning their wine journey, as much as those who are wine enthusiasts,” said Gaïo. “It’s the result of our combined years of traveling the world, working in some of the most respected wine regions, wineries and restaurants, learning everything we could about wine to bring an approachable brand to those who are curious.” 

All twelve wines from the Les Vins Julien portfolio are available for purchase via the website at maisonfayard.com and at the new Maison Fayard bottle shop and wineware boutique in downtown Napa. Les Vins Julien wines, as with all of Fayard’s winemaking projects, are proudly a 1% for the Planet partner. 


Les Vins Julien, a 1% for the Planet partner, is a collaboration between winemaker Julien Fayard and sommelier Camille Gaïo. The brand consists of twelve wines from nine appellations in Northern California. For more information about Les Vins Julien, visit www.lesvinsjulien.com.



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