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Accolade Wines Launches Banrock Station in the US with Arbor Day Foundation Partnership


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 28, 2023 – Accolade Wines, producers of premium wine brands across the globe and the largest producer of wine in Australia, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, is pleased to launch Banrock Station, a premium range of South Australian Riverland wines in the US (SRP $10, line priced). 

Founded in 1995, Banrock Station’s commitment to the environment extends over 20 years, reinvesting a portion of profits from every bottle of wine sold in environmental projects that focus on preserving the planet across the globe, including over 130 projects in 13 countries amounting to $7.5 million to date. Banrock Station’s ongoing commitment to the environment is founded on its dedication to restoring and protecting the wetlands that grace its pristine vineyards along the banks of the meandering Murray River in South Australia’s Riverland. It is unique for a winery to have wetlands on its estate; Banrock Station’s wetlands are Ramsar-certified, the international standard for designating rare and special wetlands.

“Sustainability is at the heart and core of Banrock Station, every drop goes into helping conserve the planet,” says Shannon Grant, Managing Director of the Americas at Accolade Wines. “Banrock has a rich global legacy of prioritizing planet conservation and supporting causes the brand, and its consumers are passionate about. Our impact would not be possible without our consumer, and we are beyond proud to be able to make a difference in the US together with the Arbor Day Foundation.”

“We are thrilled to work with Accolade Wines to help increase the scope of our impact in the diverse ecosystems in the US,” said Dan Lambe, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. 

“It is so meaningful to partner with an organization who has integrated sustainability and environmental stewardship at the core of their culture. As Accolade Wines continues to influence the world by ‘making every drop count’, we will do our part by making every tree that is planted count in these forests of great need.”

Banrock Station and the Arbor Day Foundation have identified the following regions and projects in the US for their initial work together:

Northern California: Wildfire Recovery

Recent wildfires have taken a massive toll on privately owned forestlands throughout northern California. Tree planting is focused on replacing the coniferous tree cover.The newly planted trees will grow to support the broad range of biodiversity found here.

Florida Panhandle: Hurricane Michael Reforestation 

In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael carved a path of destruction through the Florida panhandle, leaving entire forests destroyed. Dedicated tree planting efforts focus on reestablishing the lost tree canopy. These efforts focus on restoring the sustainable forestry industry and at the same time improve soil and water conservation, reduce the risk of wildfire and provide better wildlife habitat.

Michigan: State Forests 

Banrock Station and the Arbor Day Foundation are working with the state of Michigan to replant Michigan’s forestlands on a large scale. These forests were heavily logged in the late 1800s, statewide conservation efforts have been focused on bringing public lands back to their natural state. As the forests mature, these new trees will provide a wide variety of ecosystem services including carbon sequestration and water filtration.

Oregon: Wildfire Recovery 

The Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon in summer of 2021 burned over 400,000 acres of forest, making it the third-largest fire in the history of Oregon. The fire was devastating for the trees and wildlife of Klamath Falls Basin, a hub for biodiversity, serving as one of the state’s top nesting areas for bald eagles. Wide-scale reforestation plans and the return of this tree canopy will support a wide range of wildlife. 

Texas & Louisiana: Habitat and Biodiversity

Eastern Texas and Louisiana both have stretches of land blanketed in native shortleaf pine ecosystems which are currently shrinking due to centuries of harvesting, land use change, disease, pests, and other factors.This forested area is being actively managed to restore the shortleaf pine tree canopy. Replanting shortleaf pine trees reestablishes nature’s balance, improving habitat for various migratory and resident wildlife/

For more information on the partnership visit: https://banrockstation.com.au/blogs/our-journal/wine-trees-banrock-station-s-compelling-new-pairing.

The Banrock Station wines include a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In keeping with its values, the range uses a lightweight bottle and features artwork on the package reflecting the unique flora and fauna surrounding its vineyards in the Australian Riverlands. Banrock Station wines are available at major retailers nationwide. Samples are available upon request.

For more information, visit https://www.banrockstation.com.au/.

About Accolade Wines

Accolade Wines is a leading global wine company with famous wine brands loved around the world including Hardys, St Hallett, Grant Burge, Banrock Station, Croser, Houghton, House of Arras and many others. Accolade is a fully integrated business, managing the entire supply chain from grape to glass. With more than 1,400 employees in over 40 continents around the world, Accolade delivers approximately 276 million liters of wine to 130 countries every year.

For more information about Accolade wines, visit: https://accoladewines.com/

For more information about Banrock Station, visit: https://www.banrockstation.com.au/

About the Arbor Day Foundation

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the world’s largest membership nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees. With a focus in communities and forests of greatest need, the Foundation — alongside its more than 1 million members, supporters and valued partners — has helped to plant 500 million trees in more than 50 countries. Guided by its mission to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees, the Arbor Day Foundation is committed to unlocking the power of trees to help solve critical issues facing people and the planet. Learn more about the impact of the Arbor Day Foundation at arborday.org.



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