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Renowned Winemaker Joe Dobbes Reveals Secrets and Tastes the Magic of Iterum’s 2020 Vintage on the Weinnotes Podcast


Tualatin, Oregon, November 27, 2023 — In a compelling episode of the Weinnotes podcast, legendary Oregon winemaker Joe Dobbes shares his winemaking odyssey, unraveling tales of triumphs, and savoring the enchantment of Iterum’s 2020 vintage.

This exclusive interview unfolds the chapters of Joe’s storied career, beginning with the planting of marionberries, leading to a fateful encounter at the 1984 International Cool Climate Symposium in Germany, a turning point that launched his illustrious wine journey.

Listeners are treated to behind-the-scenes insights into Joe’s career, featuring touching sentiments from Jim Bernau, CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards, expressing the hope for future collaborations.

Dive into the heart of 2020, a challenging vintage for many winemakers, as Joe reveals the decisions behind crafting wines amidst wildfires. The interview unveils the unique magic Joe brought to the table with Iterum’s 2020 vintage, a testament to his mastery in winemaking.

Don’t miss this riveting episode of Weinnotes, where Joe Dobbes not only uncorks the stories behind the wines but also takes listeners on a tasting journey through Iterum’s magical 2020 vintage. Subscribe to the podcast for an intimate look into the life, passion, and alchemy that make Joe Dobbes a true maestro of Oregon winemaking.



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About the Weinnotes Podcast

The Weinnotes Podcast delicately uncorks captivating narratives, delving into the lives of the personalities shaping the world of winemaking. In its distinctive long-form format, the podcast skillfully unveils lesser-known tales, seamlessly connecting consumers with the artisans behind the bottle. Notable past interviews feature luminaries such as Philippe André, Chris Fladwood, Kate Payne-Brown, Channing Frye, and Greg Lambrecht, offering an enriching exploration of the diverse voices within the realm of wine.

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