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ISH Spirits Launches New “Feel Free” Strategic Platform


Alcohol-Free Line of Wines, Spirits, and Cocktails Wants People to Feel Free to Enjoy Any Moment with a Great Drink

Atlanta, GA – Nov. 15, 2023 – Copenhagen-based ISH Spirits is launching a new strategic platform to drive expansion of its hand-crafted alcohol-free sparkling wines, spirits, and cocktails across the U.S. The “Feel Free” positioning plays to people’s desire to have a great drink anytime, in any situation, any day of the week.

ISH processing facility at Oremandsgaard Gods.
Photography by:Emily Wilson Photography

“We are challenging the common notion that non-alcoholic means limitations when it is actually the opposite,” says ISH Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Illgner. “We want everyone to feel free to socialize with a great drink – and if they choose alcohol-free, ISH is a great option.”

With alcohol-free drinks, taste is the number one obstacle. ISH has put its products to the test in several major competitions. Every SKU in the ISH portfolio has been awarded top honors from the world’s leading competitions, including San Francisco World Spirits Competition, IWSC, Bartender Spirits Awards and more.

The ISH portfolio includes two alcohol-free sparkling wines, three spirits that mimic rum, gin, and tequila; aptly named Caribbean Spiced Spirit, London Botanical Spirit, and Mexican Agave Spirit, and four canned cocktails (Spritz, G&T, Daiquiri, and Mojito).

In 2024, ISH will launch a new Spanish-style sparkling, ISH Espumante, as well as a Strawberry Margarita canned cocktail in the U.S. to give people even more freedom of choice.

The Feel Free platform will come to life in the U.S. with PR, social media, participation in NA Day in Chicago, and retail-focused sampling events in New York, Atlanta, and Chicago.

The award-winning ISH portfolio was developed by a team of beverage science experts using a proprietary approach to mimic each original beverage as closely as possible, minus the alcohol. The team discovered that the hulls of chili seeds are an excellent way to create the bite or edge of alcohol drinks.

About ISH

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and founded in 2018, ISH is one of the world’s most awarded alcohol-free beverage brands. The brand was created after Founder Morten Sørensen discovered a lack of alcohol-free options during a 100-day break from alcohol.  ISH produces award-winning alcohol-free wines, spirits, and cocktails. ISH products include full nutritional information and ingredient labeling. ISH products are available nationally online and at retailers and restaurants in New York and Illinois, with more markets coming soon. Visit us at http://us.ishspirits.com/ for more information, and follow ISH on Instagram at @ishspirits.



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