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Nominations Open for Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2024


Wine's Most Inspiring People

Submit your nomination for the wine industry’s Most Inspiring People. 

Today is the first day to submit nominations for Wine Industry Advisor’s annual Most Inspiring People Awards. 

In 2018, Wine Industry Advisor (WIA) began recognizing 10 inspiring people from our industry each year. The wine industry is extremely fortunate to have many exceptional people among its ranks, and this recognition is a way to highlight them and encourage and inspire future generations.

Nominees can be from any sector of the wine trade, including growers and winemakers, writers and sommeliers, publicists and attorneys, all the way up to managers and CEOs. Many of these leaders are home grown from various wine regions and others have brought their passion and ingenuity from other industries. Nominate the one person you think is making a positive influence in wine and beyond. 

See our 2023 MIP award winners. 

WIA nominations are open to the industry in an effort to find those individuals who may be flying under the radar and uncover individuals who are working for the betterment of the wine industry (and/or society at large).

“Wine’s 10 Most Inspiring People should single out those whose work, inside and outside the industry, impacts us all in a positive way,” comments Wine Industry Advisor Managing Editor Alexandra Russell. “Letting our audience of wine industry professionals submit nominees means we’ll have a more diverse pool of candidates, which should translate into a wider variety of MIPs and truly highlight our industry’s diverse talent.”

If you know someone who you feel should be recognized as one of this year’s Most Inspirational People, submit your nomination at https://wineindustryadvisor.com/most-inspiring-people.

Submissions close December 8, 2023.

Selections will be announced January 2024.



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