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Culture Wine Co. Launches to Enhance Representation of South African Wine in the United States


South African wine accounts for less than 1% of all wine imported into the United States.  Culture Wine Co.’s goal is to change that. 

SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 19, 2023 – Culture Wine Co. launches today as the sole importer, wholesaler,  e-commerce retailer and wine club in the United States dedicated exclusively to the wines of South  Africa. 

The goal? To drastically increase the representation and import-value of South African wine in the  United States. Although South African wine currently represents a small amount of US import volume,  the bulk of these imports are intended for the creation and exclusive sale of budget-friendly brands.  While this scenario has posed challenges in broadening awareness and appreciation for South Africa’s  highly skilled producers, Culture Wine Co. aims to have a positive impact in reshaping how these wines  are marketed, perceived, and enjoyed in the US. 

The mission? To Share Culture Through Wine. Culture Wine Co. believes there is an abundance of untold  stories beyond the bottle itself. Our mission is to shed light on the resilience of South African  winemakers who overcome extraordinary challenges, such as a complete absence of government  subsidies, daily load shedding, and navigating extreme weather events – from flooding to frequent  droughts. The world-class quality, thriving community, vibrant culture, and incredible stories of  perseverance of its producers is unlike any other region in the world. 

Culture Wine Co. services: Culture Wine Co. focuses on developing long-lasting partnerships with its  producers, imports and wholesales direct-to-trade in California, and retails direct-to-consumer  throughout the US via its e-commerce website. This eliminates the need for several entities touching the  bottle before it’s consumed, ensures wine is not ‘lost’ in large wholesale portfolios, and ultimately  increases visibility of and value to South Africa’s independent producers. 

Who is behind the company? Culture Wine Co. was founded by 15-year wine industry veteran Peter  Andrews DipWSET, MBA. Peter has held executive-level positions in the wine industry and taught wine  business courses at Johnson & Wales University, The Culinary Institute of America, and for the WSET. He  currently sits on the board of the Glancy Wine Education Foundation. 

Quotes: Peter Andrews, Founder & President, Culture Wine Co. (San Francisco): “South African wine  has steadily increased in quality in the nearly 30 years since the end of Apartheid. Its producers are now  readier than ever to shine in their long-overdue time in the international spotlight.” 

Kiara Scott Farmer, Winemaker Brookdale Estate (Paarl): “Now is the most exciting time to be buying  and drinking South African wines. Winemakers and viticulturists around the country now truly  understand their respective terroir – the climate, soils, and vines. There’s also great camaraderie between  the winemakers and the local wine industry in general. It’s time for US wine lovers to jump on the train  because we’re going somewhere, and this is just the beginning of our latest and most exciting chapter.” 



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