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Wine By Joe Announces New Partnership with Woodland Park Zoo, Supports the Living Northwest Program


The “Joe Cares” holiday campaign supports the protection of endangered species through Wine By Joe retail sales from October through December

SEATTLE (October 11, 2023) — Wine By Joe is excited to announce the start of its partnership with Woodland Park Zoo. The holiday fundraising campaign helps support the zoo’s Living Northwest Program conservation initiatives.

From October 1 to December 31, 2023, a portion of the retail sales of all Wine By Joe wines sold in Washington will be shared with Woodland Park Zoo, with funds directed to the zoo’s Living Northwest Program and its other wildlife conservation efforts. 

Woodland Park Zoo advocates for and saves species and wild places around the Pacific Northwest through its Living Northwest Program, including lynx, wolverines and many other critically endangered species. The exhibit and its companion website, “We Are Living Northwest,” provide visitors with actions to take to aid conservation efforts and help the species that share the region’s iconic landscapes. 
Last year, Woodland Park Zoo rescued two orphaned brown bear cubs, Fern and Juniper, from Montana and Alaska respectively, and the pair have become fast friends. Orphaned cubs cannot survive on their own, but Fern and Juniper are learning together in the Living Northwest Trail, with an atmosphere that mimics their wild habitat, including live trout for catching and cozy caves for taking bear naps. The two cubs are only one example of the incredible array of creatures rescued through the Living Northwest Program. Wine By Joe is excited to support this important work. 

“Woodland Park Zoo’s Living Northwest Conservation program works to recover threatened species, deepen our understanding of local wildlife and help people and wildlife to coexist in our shared landscapes,” said Katie Remine, Living Northwest Conservation Manager at Woodland Park Zoo.

Through December 31, wine consumers across Washington should be on the lookout for Wine By Joe wines at grocery stores, wine retailers, and online wine stores. Washington restaurant sales of Wine By Joe will also support the “Joe Cares” campaign.

“Woodland Park Zoo’s Living Northwest Conservation program is impressive and necessary work to support the animals that call the Pacific Northwest home.  We are thrilled to be partnering with them to support their efforts through our wines,” said Michelle Bolliger, Director of Sales for Wine By Joe.

To purchase Wine By Joe and support the “Joe Cares” campaign, please visit https://www.winebyjoe.com/woodland-park-zoo/



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