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ARGEA – Habitat: ARGEA Unveils Groundbreaking Sustainability Pact at the Annual Conference on Sustainability in the Wine Industry 


On this occasion, the leading Italian wine group unveiled a range of initiatives designed to solidify its commitment to sustainable practices and actions 

New York, 4 October 2023 – ARGEA‘s latest findings on carbon footprint reveal that over half, precisely 53%, of a wine bottle’s carbon footprint is attributed to its packaging – the part of the supply chain beyond the winery’s control. 

In light of this fact, the leading Italian wine group chose to focus on packaging and its diverse environmental, technological, and social implications at Habitat, the annual sustainability conference held in Milan on September 28. During the event, ARGEA presented both the outcomes of its efforts in this area as well as the ambitious projects in progress. 

At the forefront is “L’Albero della Vite” (“The tree of Vine”), a collaborative project with Gentlebrand and Verallia. This initiative introduces a lighter glass bottle for premium sparkling wines, which weighs 100 grams less than the industry average. This reduction translates to an annual CO2 savings of 43 tons, with the goal of cutting emissions equivalent to those produced by 500 cars traveling the distance between the Earth and the moon 12 times by 2024. 

Additionally, ARGEA has presented a significant challenge to glass manufacturers, aiming to further lighten the weight of a substantial portion of its bottle production. Anticipated to reach 44.5 million units by 2025, this initiative aims to cut 3,420 tons of glass, resulting in a CO2 emissions reduction equivalent to that of 1000 Italian families in a year. 

Expanding beyond glass, ARGEA’s collaboration with UPM Raflatac, one of the leading global suppliers of label materials, brings innovation to packaging with the world’s first bottle crafted from Bio Meg, a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) sourced exclusively from second-generation plant materials, specifically from crops not intended for food production.This groundbreaking bottle, set to be unveiled at Vinitaly, promises a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional fossil-based PET. 

“Addressing sustainability today means establishing supply chains that can minimize the impacts of our actions from product inception to end-of-life,” stated Michael Isnardi, ARGEA’s Sustainability Director. Those further along in the production process cannot solely compensate for the deficiencies of those earlier in the supply chain. Simultaneously, they must contribute to the collective efforts of the supply chain to pursue a virtuous path.” 

Habitat features the involvement of key industry players and representatives across the wine supply chain, exploring the sector comprehensively—from packaging manufacturers to distributors and all the way to end consumers. 

Facilitated by Giulio Somma, Director of Corriere Vinicolo, the insightful discussion included Paolo Marco Tamborrini, Professor of Industrial Design at University of Parma and Politecnico di Torino, Stefano Pistoni, Senior Manager, Business Development, Wine & Spirits, Beverage di UPM Raflatac, Carlos Manuel Veloso dos Santos, CEO of Amorim Cork Italia S.p.A., Alessandro Rossi, National Category Manager Wine of Partesa s.r.l., Andrea Stella: Sales Coordinator Nord Est Wine & Sparkling of Verallia Italia and Eugenio Galbiati, owner of Ristorante del Centro and Nine Hotel in Monza. 

“Today, we understand that sustainability is built at a systemic level” noted Massimo Romani, CEO of ARGEA “Our collective aim should be to create an industrial ecosystem where responsibility takes center stage — not just for individual companies but as part of a broader sustainability commitment.” “Consequently,” Romani concluded, “I want to wrap up this edition of Habitat by initiating a sustainability pact with our partner-suppliers, where ARGEA will spearhead an innovative industrial ecosystem oriented toward an alternative future —one where we collectively prioritize the well-being of our habitat.” 

About Argea 

Argea is an innovative and forward-looking group born to celebrate the Italian wine sector, their respective cultures, people, territories, and production techniques, while at the same time enhancing their identities and preserving them as an expression of the best tradition. The company is the result of a strategy put together by Italian private equity firm Clessidra, who acquired Botter S.p.A., Mondodelvino S.p.A., and Cantina Zaccagnini in turn, creating the most important private player in the Italian wine industry. Argea brings to international markets a diversified range of Italian wines recognized worldwide, and exports to over 85 countries around the world, with an extensive sales network in markets where Italian wine has long been appreciated – including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Scandinavian countries – and in areas of the world with growing interest in Italian wine such as China, South Korea, and Canada. www.argea.com



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