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Empowering the Future of Viticulture: Washington Winegrowers Announces Latino Agriculture Education for Viticulture Program


[Cashmere, WA – October 4, 2023] – The Washington Winegrowers Association is proud to announce that registration is open for the highly anticipated Latino Agriculture Education for Viticulture Program (LAEP), a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with Wenatchee Valley Community College and Yakima Valley College. Since its establishment in 2006, this program has provided practical education and skills to empower Latino participants in viticulture.

The LAEP program aims to equip participants with hands-on knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to enhance their daily practices within vineyards. The curriculum, spanning an entire grape production season, covers various topics, including marketing, human resources, and vineyard practices. Conducted in a blend of English and Spanish, the program fosters language proficiency. It promotes a holistic and well-rounded development among participants.

Level 2 – Advanced Viticulture: Building upon the introductory Level One course, the Level Two program is tailored for Spanish-speaking employees seeking to deepen their expertise in viticulture. Highlights of the Level Two curriculum include:

  • In-depth exploration of advanced production systems, wine grape management, and juice production.
  • Study of critical aspects such as site selection, vineyard establishment, pest management, and irrigation practices.
  • Integration of soft skills, English language proficiency, and management techniques.
  • Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1.

Level 3 – Vineyard Management and Integrated Pest Management: Designed to prepare Spanish-speaking vineyard employees for roles as pest management scouts and introduce them to vital vineyard economics and management principles, Level Three covers:

  • Intensive technical training to equip participants for mid-management and leadership positions.
  • Advanced pest management techniques and insights into vineyard economics.
  • Refinement of management skills.
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 – Introduction to Viticulture: The next offering of the introductory Level One course is scheduled for Fall 2024, providing an opportunity for participants to embark on their viticultural journey.

Financial Details: To participate in these transformative courses, the cost is set at $325 per level, making the program accessible to a wide range of aspiring viticulture professionals.

Location: Yakima Valley College, Grandview Campus

The Latino Agriculture Education for Viticulture Program (LAEP) stands as a testament to the commitment of the Washington Winegrowers, Wenatchee Valley Community College, and Yakima Valley College to empower and advance individuals within the viticulture industry. By providing practical education, fostering language proficiency, and promoting comprehensive skills development, this program is poised to shape the future of viticulture.

To enroll or learn more about the program, please visit https://www.wawinegrowers.org/page/LAEP

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