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Zone-In™ on Holidays Made for Popping: Introducing Zonin® Orange-Cran Riviera Spritz


Escape to the Italian Riviera with Zonin® Sparkling Wines, featuring ready-to-serve innovations taking the US by storm.

Miami (October, 1st, 2023) – Good cheer is in store(s) for the holidays with another bold, zesty, and refreshing spritz from Zonin® Sparkling Wines! Introducing Zonin® Orange-Cran Riviera Spritz: the holiday spritz perfect for pouring, toasting, and hosting! Just in time for fall and winter soirées, you’ll love the latest reason to Zone-In™ on the moments that matter most.

“The Zonin® brand continues to elevate it’s authentic and award-winning Italian Prosecco into a celebration of our combined culture through the Zonin Spritz Collection” shares Francesco Zonin, Vice President at ZONIN1821. “With the new launch of Orange-Cran Riviera, we’re celebrating the authentic orange zest flavors blended with seasonal American holiday favorite, cranberry. From its aroma to its flavors, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday in just one sip.”

A chic European holiday in a glass awaits without ever leaving home, transporting you to the Italian Riviera, region best known for being the birthplace of focaccia and ravioli! Part of the Zonin® Spritz Collection, it’s a ready-to-serve take on seasonal flavors blended with award-winning sparkling wine to upgrade any lifestyle holiday moment. This Italian export arrives to the US bringing the region’s winemaking history and the culture’s spirit this holiday season with:

  • THE FLAVORS: Authentic Italian notes of orange combine with seasonal American holiday cranberry dance with subtle hints of orange zest and yuzu in a ready-to-serve cocktail.
  • THE LOOK: Vibrant and cheerful with a cranberry pink color and a lively, effervescent fizz.
  • THE PAIRINGS: Great for holiday flavors and light Italian bites, bold cheeses, beet salad, focaccia, white meats, dried exotic fruits and more!
  • THE VIBES: A bubbly happy hour must-have, enjoy alone or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Great as stocking stuffers, gift ideas, holiday hosting, and upcoming celebratory occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s.

The product will be available to consumers beginning October 1 and will be sold at restaurants, bars and retailers across the U.S. Available in 200ml and 750ml bottles, Zonin® Spritz delivers a taste of Italy and helps aficionados say “Salute.” Visit the Zonin® website to explore all varieties (including Zonin® Coastal Lemon Spritz) and find recipes for popular cocktails.



  1. It’s exciting to read about the introduction of Zonin’s Orange Cran Riviera Spritz, especially with the holiday season approaching. The article does a wonderful job highlighting the unique blend and flavors that make this drink a potential hit for festive celebrations. The idea of a drink tailored for specific holidays adds an extra touch of specialness to those occasions. Thanks for sharing this refreshing update from the wine industry. Cheers to the upcoming holidays with Zonin’s new offering! 🥂


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