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ARGEA Announces Collaboration with World-Renowned Winemaker Riccardo Cotarella


Continuing its journey of excellence, the leading Italian wine group reaffirms its commitment to bringing the best of the Italian wines to the world

New York, 18 September 2023 – Remaining true to its mission as a business accelerator and promoter of the best of Italian winemaking, ARGEA, winemaking, ARGEA, the leading Italian wine group, has proudly announced a visionary, long-term collaboration with one of the wine world’s most distinguished figures: Riccardo Cotarella.

ARGEA is thus continuing the growth trajectory it has embarked on since its inception: to establish a global presence beyond the national and European boundaries of Italy and Europe, and bring together wineries that represent the best of Italian winemaking, pursuing the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Following the acquisition of Cantina Zaccagnini at the end of 2022 and successfully attaining significant sustainability goals in the early months of the year, the Group has announced the beginning of a significant collaboration with Riccardo Cotarella’s team for developing a viticulture excellence project at one of the group’s most prestigious estates: Poderi dal Nespoli in Romagna region of Italy.

The announcement of the partnership between Italy’s leading private player in the wine industry and one of the world’s most renowned winemakers follows a series of meetings with the technical team and inspections conducted by the acclaimed oenologist in the estate’s vineyards. As result of this, new interpretations of 3 existing red wines in the range and two new whites will take shape in the coming years, expected to release in the spring of 2025.

ARGEA and Cotarella have decided to embark on a significant quality challenge together. Their objective is to reinterpret the winemaking tradition of Romagna by producing a series of wines that showcase the potential of native grapes and the high-quality terroir of the Bidente Valley. This initiative will focus on the iconic Romagna grape varieties, Sangiovese and Albana, while also featuring an experimental project that includes some international grape varieties.

Poderi dal Nespoli is thus the first of Argea’s esteemed estates to indulge in what will be a fruitful partnership.

“Supporting the growth of companies by providing resources to seize opportunities is what we promised and are continuing to do, working closely as a team on multiple fronts” said Massimo Romani, CEO of ARGEA “We expect a lot from this collaboration, which represents an important step in creating value for our companies and the territories in which we operate.”

“The collaboration with ARGEA will allow the entire Cotarella-Chiasso team, in synergy with the company’s oenologists, to work on a project of absolute quality excellence. Our goal is to enhance and promote Poderi dal Nespoli both nationally and internationally by reinterpreting some wines already in production. We certainly have ambitious goals, but we believe that the strength of a solid and global group like ARGEA will be the ideal sounding board to add value to the Italian territory and the wine industry. This challenge will also lead us to explore grape varieties from the Romagna region, with which I have extensive experience of over twenty years, creating a natural connection between this wonderful part of Italy and the rest of the world” commented Riccardo Cotarella.

About Argea

Argea is an innovative and forward-looking group born to celebrate the Italian wine sector, their respective cultures, people, territories, and production techniques, while at the same time enhancing their identities and preserving them as an expression of the best tradition. The company is the result of a strategy put together by Italian private equity firm Clessidra, who acquired Botter S.p.A., Mondodelvino S.p.A., and Cantina Zaccagnini in turn, creating the most important private player in the Italian wine industry. Argea brings to international markets a diversified range of Italian wines recognized worldwide, and exports to over 85 countries around the world, with an extensive sales network in markets where Italian wine has long been appreciated – including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Scandinavian countries – and in areas of the world with growing interest in Italian wine such as China, South Korea, and Canada. www.argea.com

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