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Harvest Kicks Off in Franciacorta


Erbusco, August 15th, 2023 – Franciacorta kicked off the 2023 harvest season on August 10th with the first bunches of Pinot Noir in certain areas of the region such as at the foot of the Parco della Santissima in Gussago. The harvest of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Erbamat will become fully operational over the next few weeks.

The 2023 vintage’s weather conditions were favourable as the rains were abundant if compared to last year’s hot and dry climate and therefore the vineyards have a good production of quality fruit.

“The beginning of the year saw limited rainfall and above-average temperatures which led to an early vegetative development of the vine. However, April saw a decisive change with a drop in temperature and an increase in rainfall which continued also in the months of May and June which helped maintain the natural growing season,” explained the President of the Franciacorta Consortium, Silvano Brescianini. “The overall volume of rainfall was not exceptional, but May saw a higher number of rainy days – 19 against a historical average of 9 days – than any May compared to the average of the last 25 years with the exception of 2013.”

Due to so much moisture, the presence of downy mildew was a threat and the winemakers carefully monitored the condition of the vineyards throughout the season. “Fortunately, the damage was contained and there were no extreme events that compromised production,” continued Brescianini, “thunderstorms at the end of July helped moderate the unseasonably high in the previous days and also increased the availability of the water.”

Newly releases sales data further elevates the excitement of the 2023 vintage. Over 20 million bottles were sold in 2022 and although the domestic market still represents over 88% of sales, exports show a growth rate of 11.5%, with Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Germany and Belgium among the main outlet markets.

The first six months of 2023 have also recorded gratifying results continuing the trend from last year. The period January-June 2023 shows positive growth rates when compared with 2021, 2020 and 2019, in the pre-pandemic period. In particular, compared to 2019, the first half of 2023 marks a +17.6% in volumes.

“We look forward to an exciting and fruitful 2023 harvest season,” concluded Brescinanini, “and we look forward to raising a glass of the 2023 vintage together in the future.”

The Franciacorta Consortium is the body which guarantees and monitors Franciacorta production standards, as the first Italian wine produced exclusively with the bottle refermentation process to have obtained the Protected and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) denomination in 1995. The Consortium’s work takes various forms ranging from safeguarding its brand and region, promoting its products via ongoing work on its production regulations and denominations, consumer information campaigns and promoting Franciacorta as an expression of an area, a wine and a production method. Founded on 5 March 1990 its head offices are in Erbusco, in the heart of Franciacorta. The Consortium is headed by Silvano Brescianini and has 122 wine estate members.



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