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Three Sticks Moves to 100 Percent Estate-Grown Wines


Three Sticks LogoSonoma, CA, August 14, 2023 – Three Sticks Wines is pleased to launch its highly anticipated 2023 Fall Release wines. For the first time, all of the wines are made from 100 percent estate-grown fruit, marking a new chapter for the Sonoma-based winery renowned for its small-lot pinot noir and chardonnay wines of world-class quality.

Founded in 2002 by Bill Price III and joined in 2004 by co-founder Prema Kerollis, Three Sticks owns and farms six of the most iconic vineyards in Sonoma County. Three of these vineyards are their Monopoles – a French word for a designated wine-growing plot farmed and controlled entirely by one winery. Alana, William James, and One Sky are farmed organically and are, by definition, exclusive to Three Sticks’ wines. Durell, Gap’s Crown, and Walala Vineyards comprise their Heritage Vineyards. Certified sustainable, these vineyards have an unparalleled history and provenance among Sonoma County vineyards. Three Sticks, among a select group of other producers, create iconic wines from these renowned sites. Each of these Grand Cru level vineyards offers a combination of terroir and natural influences that consistently produce the highest quality grapes for some of the finest pinot noir and chardonnay. 

Reflecting on the transition to 100 percent estate-grown, Price comments, “For 20 years, we have made wines from our estate vineyards, which many of our customers have come to know well. We also made a few wines that included estate and purchased fruit from farming partners outside our organization. Now, as a mature and successful pinot noir and chardonnay house, we are shifting our entire wine portfolio to be 100 percent estate-grown. Rob Harris, our Vice President of vineyards, is terrific at anticipating what is going to happen in our vineyards and then getting in front of it and allowing us to have the very best grapes that are possible in that vintage.  Every single bottle of wine we make will be made from fruit that we farm from properties that we own. This is a proud moment for us.”

Kerollis adds, “The impetus behind this is that we can and, we absolutely should. Quality is our obsession and mantra. Studying our vineyards and having control over every single grape that enters the winery gives us many advantages. Being 100 percent estate is extremely rare in our world, which we know because we sell grapes to a selection of esteemed producers. We understand clearly that there are risks to this model as well, when yields are down, we cannot turn to our neighbors to help supplement production. That is a risk we are willing to take to make the very best wines we can, year after year.”  

Director of Winemaking Ryan Prichard comments, “My goal is to make the best wines possible from these exquisite sites and to showcase the site, terroir. It is both humbling and exciting to be at the forefront of this important milestone of transitioning to 100 percent estate-grown here at Three Sticks.”

The 2023 Three Sticks Fall Release was made available to club allocation members on August 1st, and their mailing list will have access to the wines beginning on August 15th.


Three Sticks Wines is a boutique, family-owned winery recognized for pinot noir and chardonnay. Proprietor Bill Price III (nicknamed “Billy Three Sticks”) owns six Grand Cru level estate vineyards in Sonoma County, including three Heritage vineyards–Durell, Gap’s Crown, and Walala and three Monopole vineyards–One Sky, Alana, and William James. An intimate relationship with each property shines through in each of the Three Sticks wines, reflecting a keen understanding of how working with great vineyards, along with a meticulous winemaking style, produces inspiring results. 



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