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Greek Wines Are on the Way Up


Improved quality offerings have increased GREEK wine sales and support!
Wednesday, August 2nd at 7 PM – A Greek Tasting with Thymiopoulos!
ONLY $20 per tasting + wines delivered to your home.

August 1st – The Greek wine market has long been attached to lower cost / value driven and volume wine offerings; and many have left the US consumers less than thrilled.  However, over the past couple years, significant improvements in the quality of distribution of better wine efforts making it to the USA has greatly increased the interest and penetration of Greek wine sales.  Click here to see a recent report – that shows decrease in cases but increases in dollars.

Per Ian Blackburn, Wine Industry Veteran and Buyer for his family’s store www.Merchantofwine.com – “producers like Thymiopoulos, Tetramythos, Vaeni, Oenops, Kalogris, Anatolikos, and Artemis Karamolegos, amongst others have really impressed the consumer.”  “The wines are authentic, and not spoiled with Syrah, Cab, or Merlot.” “The Terroir speaks through the indigenous varieties and we see comparisons like Barolo or Chablis… not bad company to keep.”

We are also seeing increased interest in Wine Tourism with our clients asking about visits and where to go taste…. We responded with a trip offering for 2024 and increased educational interest in our programs and dinner event offerings.

We have the privilege of having a whole evening exclusively with Thymiopoulos,  who will talk in-depth with us about Greek wines.  

Ian Blackburn will taste with and interview one of Greece’s top producers Apostolos Thymiopoulos – join Ian for this special tasting.  Apostolos Thymiopoulos was the first to vinify the family vineyards while studying oenology.  Join LearnAboutWine on Wednesday, August 2nd at 7 PM, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of Greek wines. Purchase your tickets HERE

Key varieties like Assyrtiko (white) and Xinomavro (red) lead the way, but an increasing selection of natural wines, rosé, sparkling, and blends are making Greek wines much more interesting for the consumer.   

“Independent Wine stores will continue to be the primary path for the growth of Greek wines… a. Because the best producers have limited supply and b.  Greek restaurants, while increasing in profile, are still few and far between… but making the jump to modern restaurants may be a great opportunity for growth if they can find accounts that have amazing seafood and or meat selections”… “Scallops and Assyrtiko and Lamb with Xinomavro are a natural pairing – says Blackburn” 


Wine Educator, Professional Sommelier / Host and Master of Wine Student  – I discovered the wine industry while working with Chef’s Thomas Keller and Joachim Splichal in the top dining rooms of Los Angeles. My passion redirected my career from restaurants/hotels to vineyards and wine-education.  Now with over 25-years of experience hosting events; leading trips around the wine world; I published a wine book; produced my own wine called Beekeeper Cellars and sat for the difficult Master of Wine Exam! Today, I am considered one of the region’s best wine educators and work for my 20,000 followers (follow me), visiting vineyards and wine regions and producing over 100 wine classes and events a year for my businesses and my team.      


  • 1995 Learnaboutwine.com was created
  • 2003-2005 TASTE on Two Rodeo – weekly tastings on Rodeo Drive 
  • 2005 LASupportsLA donated $250K to Hurricane Katrina Charities 
  • 2007 My wine class was featured on ABC’s The Bachelor 
  • 2010 Sold 5000 Groupons in one day to survive the great recession 
  • 2016 Appeared in the Movie “Sour Grapes” – Yes, Rudi was originally a student
  • 2019 Surpassed 1 million dollars in Charity donations through our various events 
  • 2020 Pivoted to our own retail store called Merchantofwine.com & we still deliver! 
  • 2022 Appeared in the Movie “A Perfect Vintage” 


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