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Sauvage Spectrum Presents All Day Verde – The Flavor of Climate Change


July 17th – Introducing “All Day Verde” – New Summertime Wine from Sauvage Spectrum & Spoke+Blossom Ripens Awareness of Agriculture Challenges Amidst Climate Change Palisade, CO – July 14, 2023 – Sauvage Spectrum, an acclaimed winery in Palisade, Colorado, has partnered with Spoke+Blossom magazine to present a lively white wine that embodies the essence of a Western Colorado summer. The collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of “All Day Verde,” a light and effervescent wine that promises to elevate your summertime experience.

Crafted by Patric Matysiewski, co-founder and winemaker of Sauvage Spectrum, All
Day Verde boasts a unique blend of 73% albariño, 21% grüner veltliner, and 6% riesling
grapes, all grown, produced, and bottled in the scenic Grand Valley. With each bottle
sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to One Riverfront, a Grand Junction
nonprofit dedicated to fostering community stewardship and enhancing the Colorado
and Gunnison River corridors.

The Grand Valley’s unique climate, characterized by hot days and cool nights, creates
optimal conditions for grape ripening and acidity retention. In 2022, the region
experienced unusually high temperatures, resulting in the creation of All Day Verde.
Matysiewski explains, “You’re tasting the climate change with this product. Mother
Nature threw us a curveball, and to combat rising pH levels, we picked the grapes
earlier than ever before.” The result is a perfectly balanced wine that refreshes and
delights on hot summer days.

Matysiewski describes the wine as “young, bright, and crisp, with a hint of fizz,” offering
a delightful combination of flavors including white melon, gooseberry, and lime blossom.
Its delicate body is beautifully complemented by underlying mineral tones. This Vinho
Verde variation pays homage to Colorado, capturing its spirit in every sip.

Even the wine label itself pays tribute to the vibrant state of Colorado. Designed by the
talented local artist Shannon Kennedy, the label features an illustration that embodies a
picturesque summer day in Colorado, showcasing a lush green landscape and
vineyards, truly capturing the essence of All Day Verde.

Sauvage Spectrum is deeply committed to eco-conscious practices throughout their
grape growing and winemaking processes. From the vineyards to the cellar, the winery
embraces sustainable routines, limiting chemical use and utilizing pressed grape
leftovers as compost to enrich the soil diversity.

Matysiewski says partnering with Spoke+Blossom and One Riverfront allows him to
further his commitment to Colorado’s agriculture and local businesses. Spoke+Blossom,
known for capturing the Western Colorado lifestyle, aligns perfectly with Matysiewski’s
vision, while One Riverfront’s dedication to being a community steward for the Colorado
and Gunnison Rivers resonates deeply. The connection between the river and the vines
highlights the interdependence of ecosystems and the importance of community

All Day Verde serves as a proud reflection of the Western Colorado. By supporting local
winemakers like Sauvage Spectrum, who prioritize transparency and eco-
consciousness, Colorado communities continue to lead the way in honoring and
enjoying the earth while adapting to the challenges of climate change.

All Day Verde is $14 per 375mL bottle. Experience the taste of Colorado by visiting the
Sauvage Spectrum tasting room in Palisade or the second tasting room in Ouray. The
wine can also be ordered online at sauvagespectrum.com.

A launch party for All Day Verde will be held at Devil’s Kitchen in Hotel Maverick in
Grand Junction on Friday, July 21 from 5 to 7 p.m. Complimentary tastings will be
provided by Sauvage Spectrum



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