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Highway 29 Creative Merges with Deksia to Supercharge Wine Marketing Services


Merger creates one of the largest and most comprehensive wine marketing and design agencies in the country 

July 12, 2023 – Napa, CA, Grand Rapids, MI, Portland, OR, and Urbandale, IA- Deksia, a nationally recognized integrated marketing agency with offices in Michigan, Iowa, and Oregon, is excited to announce its strategic merger with Highway 29 Creative, a leading wine marketing and creative agency. This synergistic merger is aimed at leveraging the strengths of both organizations, enabling Deksia to grow within the alcohol market, and offering wine-specific expertise under the Deksia brand. 

“Deksia has been successful marketing for wine industry clients,” said Aaron VanderGalien, CEO of Deksia. “With Highway 29 Creative joining us, we’re able to extend our services deeper into the wine industry, combining their niche expertise with our proven strategies to deliver even greater value for clients.” 

The partnership will enhance Deksia’s innovation capacity by benefiting from Highway 29 Creative’s deep understanding of the wine industry. Similarly, Highway 29 Creative will gain access to Deksia’s diverse industry insights and specialists, enabling them to better serve their clients. The merger represents a commitment to helping businesses in the wine industry succeed and compete more effectively. 

Simon Solis-Cohen, Founder of Highway 29 Creative, said, “We’re thrilled about this merger and are looking forward to working with the Deksia team to better serve our clients. Between our deep roots in the wine industry and Deksia’s systematic approach to marketing, we see this natural merger as a win-win for everyone.” 

Work will continue as usual over the near term, with the companies taking a measured and thoughtful approach to integration to ensure a seamless transition for clients and employees. Both companies will maintain their commitment to their clients, with no changes to service quality or points of contact expected in the immediate future.

About Deksia 

Deksia is a full-service marketing agency offering end-to-end services from strategy formulation to execution and analysis. With offices in Grand Rapids, MI, Urbandale, IA, and Portland, OR, Deksia serves diverse industries, helping clients navigate the complexities of today’s marketing landscape. For more information about Deksia, visit www.deksia.com. 

About Highway 29 Creative 

At Highway 29 Creative, we understand how intimidating digital marketing is and that wineries don’t have time to become expert marketers overnight. We’ve created proven digital and web strategies that generate measurable results so wineries can grow their DTC wine sales. For more information about Highway 29 Creative, visit www.hwy29creative.com



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