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Champagne Telmont Launches the “Telmont in the Name of Mother Nature” Collective, Crystallizing the Bonds between Maison Telmont and Its Ecosystem of Partners


June 22nd – We will not be able to protect Mother Nature by acting in isolation. We must come together. Maison Telmont thus endeavors to work, from one end to the other of the chain which leads from the vine to the glass, with partners who share its vision and its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint, in all dimensions that this action can take, from the preservation of scarce resources to the fight against climate change, including soil health and biodiversity. 

Today, the Telmont Champagne house goes one step further and launches the “Telmont – In the Name of Mother Nature” Collective. 

This Collective, which is intended to keep growing, already includes winegrowers who have chosen organic farming, committed chefs, a sustainable fisherman, a great skipper, a visionary manufacturer of bicycles, long-haul transportation operators betting on sustainability, a major glassmaker at the forefront of innovation… In other words, all those who share our philosophy: Mother Nature is our most precious treasure, and we must radically change our ways of cultivating, producing, consuming or transporting to preserve it. 

The “Telmont – In the Name of Mother Nature” Collective’s missions are to organize mutual aid and the sharing of knowledge between its members, first and foremost between winegrowers, and also to raise public awareness on the changes needed to address the evermore pressing environmental challenges that our generation faces. 

  • “I have been entrusting my grapes to Maison Telmont for years, because I am convinced that organic viticulture is the future of Champagne. This Collective will allow us to share experiences and best practices, and help us to do even better, together” Vincent Verlet – organic winegrower 
  • “A Collective is a bit like a crew. Together, I am convinced that we will go both faster and further.” Romain Pillard – skipper and founder of Use it Again 
  • “We understand the power of community and collaboration to enact long-lasting change. We couldn’t be more delighted to be a part of this Collective, and embark on this journey together with Telmont.” Theodora Fontas – Managing Director of Chefs for Impact 
  • “My cooking has always been nourished by beautiful encounters. This Collective is the promise of many new beautiful encounters around a shared state of mind, and shared values.” Florent Pietravalle – chef of restaurant La Mirande, Michelin Green Star 
  •  “Increasing the share of plants in our food is instrumental in the fight for the survival of our ecosystems. Joining the “In the Name of Mother Nature Collective” was obvious to me. ” Josselin Marie – chef of restaurant La Table de Colette, Vice-President of « Bon pour le Climat » (Good for the Climate) 
  • “This Collective reminds me of artists’ collectives… which are often important drivers of creation. I’m sure it will be the same with this one. We will create the future!” Marc Oberon – founder of the Cinema for Change festival 
  •  “A bicycle manufacturer, partnering with organic winegrowers, to defend our planet… Is it surprising? No, it’s actually very logical! When you ride for the same cause, you might as well team up!” Shelly Pearce – Global Marketing Director Brompton 
  •  “With Telmont, we have similar approaches. We stand for a terroir, for our Mother Nature that gives us so much every day. In the Name of Mother Nature, and in the Name of the Sea! » Mathieu Chapel – sustainable fisherman 
  • “For many years, Verallia has been innovating to supply its partners with bottles consistent with its purpose: “Reimagine glass to build a sustainable future”. We are delighted to join this Collective and that Telmont was the first House to test our new 800g format, which we hope will become the new standard for Champagne, in the Name of the Mother Nature!” Marie-Astrid Gossé – Global Marketing Director Verallia 
  • “On land and at sea, we are mobilized to move the lines and accelerate the energy transition. Our 136m Neoliner sailing freighter will, from 2025, drastically reduce, up to 90%, the impacts of the transatlantic supply chain of Telmont and Rémy Cointreau freight entrusted to Neoline. We salute their commitment and wish good sailing to this Collective!” Jean Zanuttini – founder and CEO of Neoline 
  • “We believe in collaboration as an essential tool for environmental transition; we joined the Collective in order to bring our support and our expertise, to align the Champagne industry with planetary limits.” Isabelle de Morand – Quantis 

The Collective will have a fixed location: the premises of the Telmont Atelier in Damery. They will be used for conferences and screenings. They will also be made available to all organizations that want to make things change for viticulture. 

On June 21st, the Collective has gathered in Damery. As every year on this same date, Maison Telmont took stock of the actions it has implemented “In the Name of Mother Nature”, and paid tribute to the hard and passionate work of its partners. 

– Thank you to all those who believe in this Collective and who have responded to our calling. Together, let’s make things happen! Long live the Telmont – In the Name of Mother Nature Collective!” Ludovic du Plessis – President of Maison Telmont “ 


Founded in 1912, the Telmont Champagne House is located in Damery, near Épernay, France. Created in the wake of the champagne riots by Henri Lhôpital, a brave local winegrower, the House remains familial and visionary: Bertrand Lhôpital, Cellar Master and Head of Viticulture of the Telmont House, today represents the fourth generation. The House claims a line of conduct: the wine will be good if the Earth is beautiful. Thus, after earning its first AB (organic agriculture) certification in 2017 for part of its parcels and following the acquisition of a majority stake by the Rémy Cointreau group, Telmont launched a program in 2021: “In the Name of Mother Nature”. The aim is to produce a very high-quality champagne while reducing as much as possible its environmental footprint. The actions undertaken concern the conversion under progress to organic viticulture of 100% of its estate and the parcels of its winegrower partners, the preservation of biodiversity and the drastic reduction of its carbon footprint. Initiatives have already been taken and will be expanded: elimination of gift boxes and other unnecessary packaging, reduction of the bottle weight, abandonment of transparent bottles containing non-recycled glass and bottles in special formats, complete stop of air freight for the transport of bottles and use of renewable energy. The company aims to be Climate Positive by 2030 and Net Positive by 2050. The House embodies a unique style: the champagnes are ethereal yet structured, balanced between tension and freshness – a perfect harmony. Champagne Telmont enables the terroir to express itself through its wines, employing its know-how to help reveal the various facets of nature. 



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