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Firstleaf Celebrates National Wine Day with the Launch of WinePrint™, the Best Way to Discover Your Taste in Wine


Firstleaf continues to revolutionize the direct-to-consumer wine industry with the introduction of new product enhancements that prioritize personalization 

NAPA VALLEY, Calif., May 22, 2023 – The launch of WinePrint™ marks an exciting milestone for Firstleaf, America’s Most Personalized Wine Company, as it provides a new, innovative feature that helps members enhance their wine experience. Setting the industry standard for personalization, WinePrint™ allows members to understand their taste preferences relating to their preferred wine characteristics, and includes flavor profiles, grape varieties, and wine regions for both red and white wine. WinePrint™ also provides a meaningful, yet easy to say, phrase that the members can use to explain attributes of wines they love – whether ordering from a sommelier, discussing with a friend, ordering wine in a restaurant, etc. Firstleaf is driven to help take the guesswork out of purchasing wine, and with WinePrint™ the goal is to keep deconstructing the world of wine to help members best understand what they truly love. 

As the world celebrates National Wine Day on May 25th, Firstleaf founder Philip James shares his excitement for the new feature. “At Firstleaf, we are passionate about creating personalized wine experiences for our members. With WinePrint™, we are taking that to the next level by developing a robust wine profile for each member that highlights their top favorite tasting notes, wine varieties, and regions they prefer. This allows us to offer an even richer and more personalized member experience, ensuring they always receive bottles they love.” 

WinePrint™ leverages Firstleaf’s extensive database of wine data, collected through wine testing, member ratings and feedback, to provide a tailored wine profile for each member. The profile will highlight the member’s preferred tasting notes, flavor characteristics, and varieties that best match their tastes. The dynamic nature of this product allows members to unlock additional taste profile insights by rating more wines, and witness the WinePrint™ change and develop alongside their ever-evolving preferences. Moreover, members can effortlessly explore new favorite varieties and regions that match their tastes, making it easy to discover new bottles they’ll love. 

“We know that wine is a deeply personal experience, and every member has their unique tastes and preferences,” said James. “With WinePrint™, we can now provide an even more personalized experience for our members, helping them discover and enjoy the perfect bottle of wine every time.” 

Firstleaf employs proprietary technology with a remarkable 96% accuracy rate to analyze and map its extensive wine portfolio to each customer’s distinct palate via its advanced quiz and ratings system. This curation process assures members of complete satisfaction with every bottle selected for them. Additionally, Firstleaf’s Fine Wine Collection comprises numerous award-winning wines, including Platinum and Gold Medal winners. The winemaking team travels worldwide in search of exceptional wines that cater to the evolving tastes of their members. Since its establishment in 2015, over a million customers have experienced Firstleaf. 

About Firstleaf 

Firstleaf uses millions of data points to produce and curate each shipment of award-winning wine from around the world so that members can explore new bottles and discover new favorites tailored to their taste. Founded by Philip James, a wine industry veteran and Oxford-educated chemist, the subscription service unites the art and science of wine. Firstleaf brings together proprietary technology, expert winemakers and a WSET-certified wine concierge team, to build a unique Wine Profile for each member and curate each shipment individually. With a wide variety of wines from around the world, Firstleaf has over 82 million combinations of wines possible and 98% of its monthly boxes are unique. 

Recognized by Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2022 and named 2021 Wine Company of the Year in the Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition, Firstleaf’s wines have won over 2,900 awards with more than 500 bottles scoring over 90 points. Its team of winemakers sample thousands of wines each year across 5 continents and 12 countries to select only the finest bottles. With a 96% approval rating of the world-class wines chosen for members, Firstleaf’s deep understanding of winemaking and technology ensures the perfect selection for beginners to experts. Over one million people have tried Firstleaf since the brand’s inception.



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