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Sustainable South African Wine Brand less Has Stepped Up Its Green Credentials by Releasing the 2022 Chardonnay and 2020 Pinotage in Recycled, Lightweight Bottles


Less is more innovative

May 30th – In keeping with the less is more brand ethos, the wines are produced sustainably and ethically from grape to glass using: harmless farming methods that minimize environmental damage; recycled bottles that weigh less resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, lower transport and shipping costs and less waste; responsibly sourced paperless labels made from 100% cotton linters; sleeveless bottle necks that leave the consumer with less waste and less environmental impact; the world’s first recyclable, zero carbon footprint cork made from renewable plant based polymers.

less‘ commitment to sustainability starts with the raw product. Grapes are sourced from producers that have adopted sustainable agricultural practices, which optimize productivity while minimising environmental damage, as well as fair labour practices. What’s more, their credibility is endorsed by industry-leading organizations – Integrated Production of Wine (IPW), Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) and Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA).

The unoaked less chardonnay 2022 is medium-bodied. Pale lemon in the glass, it brims with fresh citrus flavours. Whiffs of lemon, lime and lemon zest mingle with stone fruit notes. The creamy mouthfeel (resulting from 6 months on the lees) balances the lingering zestiness and crisp acidity. A versatile food partner, it pairs well with light fish dishes and shellfish, salads, charcuterie and soft cheeses.

The beautifully balanced oak-matured less pinotage 2020 shows luscious black and red fruit upfront. Sweet tobacco and oak nuances linger on the palate. It is an excellent complement for red meat and game, hearty vegetables and strong-flavoured cheeses. Drink it now, or let it continue to age well for 10-12 years from vintage.

These carefully-curated wines meet the highest standards for ethical certification and traceability. Equally important, is that they offer the conscious wine consumer a wholly satisfying sensory experience without the unwanted environmental and social impact or compromising on quality.

For wine lovers looking to walk the ethical consumerism talk,  this is a must-have brand. less wines can be ordered online from https://shop.lessismorewine.com/ @ R119 for the chardonnay and R159 for the pinotage.

Visit www.lessismorewine.com for more information.



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