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Marchesi Frescobaldi Acquires Poggio Verrano


Frescobaldi Toscana logoFlorence, May 25th, 2023 – Poggio Verrano, established in 2000 as a winemaking venture in the Tuscan Maremma, played an important role in the life of Francesco Bolla. It also represented a significant business challenge, but starting from zero, he succeeded in seeing his estate wines perform in the markets on three continents and ranked among the top 3% of the world’s fine wines on Vivino, the largest international marketplace 

The acquisition of the Poggio Verrano estate by Marchesi Frescobaldi, met with approval by the Bolla family, is coherent with Frescobaldi’s philosophy, Cultivating Toscana Diversity, which perfectly complements the Bollas’ project to create world-class wines in the Maremma. These wines are grown in the area where the Frescobaldi family began to cultivate years ago in establishing their Tenuta Ammiraglia. 

“The global wine scene has become increasingly complex and complicated, and I became convinced that new energies were needed to confront this phenomenon,” explained Francesco Bolla, the family’s fourth generation. “I am therefore very pleased that Poggio Verrano will now be a star in the Frescobaldi family’s wine production portfolio. I am sure that my friend Lamberto and his expert team will increase its lustre with new achievements and further accolades for the estate’s iconic wine, Dròmos. The Bolla family will maintain ownership of the historic building complex and the olive grove, so we will continue to enjoy the Maremma, this magical part of the Tuscan coast. Last but not least, I want to sincerely thank my family, particularly my daughter Valentina, who has lavished such hard work on the estate over the last ten years, as well as my past team members, especially those who have worked here the longest, our marketing partners, and all those who have worked so effectively on our collective adventure.” 

“Our family style is to allow the earth itself to speak and to give a voice to each of our diverse terroirs,” stated Lamberto Frescobaldi, President of Marchesi Frescobaldi. “We select the different soil complexes, which vary from estate to estate, and even within their individual vineyards, on the basis of the wine quality they can produce. We have enormous respect for what Francesco Bolla and his family have been able to accomplish in the Maremma. I have personally followed the concrete progress that Poggio Verrano has achieved, since I pass by that estate every time I go to our Ammiraglia estate. The beauty of the vineyards, the wine cellar so admirably integrated into its surroundings—everything testifies to the attention and passion that Francesco Bolla has for this unique area. I am grateful to him for allowing us to carry forward what he began with such love.” 

The other Marchesi Frescobaldi wine estates are: Castello Pomino (Pomino), Castello Nipozzano (Nipozzano), Tenuta Perano (Gaiole in Chianti), Tenuta Castiglioni (Montespertoli), Tenuta CastelGiocondo (Montalcino), Tenuta Ammiraglia (Magliano in Toscana), Remole (Sieci), Tenuta Calimaia (Montepulciano), and Gorgona. Located in growing areas of Tuscany, long-famed for production of extremely high-quality DOC, DOCG, and IGT wines, each estate stands out for its individual soils, environment, and history. Ornellaia and Masseto in Bolgheri, Tenuta Luce in Montalcino, and Attems in the Collio are the four other estates of the Marchesi Frescobaldi Group. This collective portfolio of individual elements gives unique and inimitable characteristics to each Frescobaldi wine, since each estate is managed individually as a stand-alone producer, directing its own viticulture, fermentations, and cellaring. Marchesi Frescobaldi thus embodies the very essence of Toscana, its extraordinary aptitude for

exceptional viticulture, and the diversity of its terroirs. The uniqueness of Frescobaldi derives precisely from its personal identification with this diversity, from its nine estates and their wines that constitute such a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations, each the offspring of an individual, one-of-a-kind terroir. The Marchesi Frescobaldi production philosophy is an eloquent reflection of the intimate relationship of the Frescobaldi family with the full range of this renowned region’s qualities and nuances. 

Frescobaldi’s mission is to understand and promote these distinctive terroirs, contributing to their becoming inseparable components of the culture of Toscana, on a par with the art of “il buono e il bello.” The thousand years of Frescobaldi family history constitute an unmatchable treasure of experience, knowledge, and traditions that have made it the embodiment of Toscana’s very soul, and the visible expression of its extraordinary vocation for viticulture and of the fascinating variety of its production areas. The uniqueness of this family lies in its remarkable reflection of this diversity and in its nine estates and their individual wine portfolios, all offering a cornucopia of fragrances and impressions; each one mirroring the characteristics of a specific terroir. 

The Marchesi Frescobaldi Group is already active in the Maremma. Its Tenuta Ammiraglia reflects the Mediterranean Toscana in a modern key, an area of unparalleled natural beauty, still largely wild and untouched, but also of stunning quality wine potential. Tenuta Ammiraglia, designed by architect Piero Sartogo, is located in Magliano in Toscana, in the heart of the Maremma. Its hillside vineyards form intriguing geometrical patterns as they descend to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The sunlight here is intense and abundant, combining with the marine breezes to create uniquely favourable conditions for winegrowing, and a lake whose water assists the vineyards in dry periods. The combination of these factors gives Ammiraglia’s wines a strikingly complex variety of aromas that are unique in the Maremma. The distinctive, modern bottle design conveys the estate’s positioning as a producer of vibrant, elegant wines.



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