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100% Made in France Oenological Innovation Arrives in United-States


After their launch in France in 2020, Onafis’ connected tools for the automatic monitoring of fermentations and wine aging are now available for American wineries from 2023 vinification.

French Oenology at the service of American cellars

Onafis, innovative French company in the field of 2.0 oenology, launches its connected tools on the American market. The first smart bungs for aging monitoring were installed last march in Napa Valley at Razi Winery under the supervision of the enologist Jean Hoefliger. After the first trials conducted by Vivelys America during the 2022 vinifications, automatic density meters for the remote follow-up of alcoholic will be deployed for the 2023 vinifications in Napa and Central Valley. California, 85% of wine production in the United-Stated and the cradle of the world Tech is the privileged place to launch new tools intended to revolutionize the work of winemakers.  To support wineries and American winemakers as closely as possible in their automation process, Onafis agreed a distribution and technical support partnership with the Company located in Santa Rosa Vivelys America.  

The products

The automatic density meter DensiosÒ measures densities and temperatures in real time several times a day. It allows the winemaker to set up alerts at given densities or temperatures, to anticipate sluggish fermentations, to have automatic curves of fermentation and temperatures on their phone or computer, without sampling and with only one calibration. Umberto Marino, Master cellar of Château Léoville Las Cases in Saint-Julien (Grand cru classé of Bordeaux) testifies : « The fact of having a density updated every hour allows a perfect reactivity in making oenological  decision… What is a decisive advantage: the team is available for other tasks in the cellar ». DensiosÒ is placed on the vats (fermentation in red, white and rosé) or in the barrels (fermentation in white and rosé).

Smart bung B-EvolutionÒ measures dissolved O2, microbiological activity with a specific detection of contamination yeasts Brettanomyces bruxellensis proliferation, external and internal temperatures of the barrel, humidity and atmospheric pressure. This second-generation bung provides a new tool for knowing and monitoring aging conditions (reduction of air conditioning, reduction of wine loss) and for following up the wine quality (prevention of organoleptic drifts and microbial contaminations).

Onafis brand

Founded in 2018, Onafis designs and markets its products to wineries at end of 2020. More than 3 years of R&D had been necessary to develop the first tools for monitoring and managing the production of wines, beers and spirits.

Onafis has become the essential precision oenology tool for securing and monitoring each stage of production. Thanks to these connected sensors and data intelligence, Onafis offers decision support tools allowing the wineries to adapt their actions and their inputs accordingly with significantly gains in energy consumption and handlings.

This innovative solution adaptable to all working methods, which combines tradition and data intelligence, has already proven its relevance and reliability in many wineries in France :  from the small family estate to the 4 of the 5 Premiers Grands Crus Classés in Bordeaux. Onafis is now present in the different territories in France, in Spain and now in the United States, supporting around a hundred of wineries at the start of 2023.


The partner in the United-States, Vivelys America

In 25 years of presence with wine producers, in France and around the world, Vivelys has demonstrated its expertise and knowledge on key winemaking topics in synergy with Onafis know-how : fermentation processes, aging optimization, oxygen management in the wines, etc … As one of the most innovative companies in the field of precision oenology, Vivelys is Onafis’ natural partner to support American wineries that wish to be equipped with DensiosÒ or the smart bungs B-EvolutionÒ. Vivelys has been established in Santa Rosa since  2008.




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