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Eastbound Westbound – A Winemaker’s Story from Bordeaux and California


Eastbound Westbound – A Winemaker’s Story From Bordeaux And California is an upcoming APPLE TV + in May 12 in English speaking countries.

Bordeaux independent film producer E Studi’Oz is launching an original wine documentary that trace, understand and demonstrate the historical and unwavering links between the United States, Bordeaux and its wines.

This modern and fast-paced cinematic documentary was conceived from an original idea by Gerard Spatafora and Frédéric Lot, co-written by Jeffrey Davies, and directed by Julien Couson, founder of PMG Productions.

An investigation like no other, Eastbound Westbound lets the viewer understand how this Franco-American friendship around Bordeaux wines had its starting point in the 18th century around the greatest connoisseur of fine wines and lover of Bordeaux, the American Thomas Jefferson, US Ambassador to Paris and third President of the United States.

To better demonstrate Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, this intimate relationship between the two wine-growing continents is illustrated through interlinked portraits of wine families, from many and varied backgrounds but all sharing a real passion for wine. Leading players in their field, they produce some of the best wines in the world. These endearing and outstanding women and men are introduced in a more contemporary section by the American wine merchant and former wine journalist Jeffrey Davies, an expert on the terroirs and winemaking fabric in Bordeaux and on the other side of the Atlantic. Jeffrey will meet and exchange about this relationship with the worldwide famous critics Robert Parker as well.

This project, started in 2020, was made possible through the support of four great and charismatic Bordeaux wine families, the main actors in this film, appearing as themselves in this opus. HRH Prince Robert of Luxembourg (Château Haut-Brion and La Mission Haut-Brion in Pessac-Léognan, and Quintus in Saint-Émilion), Alfred, Justine and Noé Tesseron (Château Pontet-Canet in Pauillac and Pym-Rae in Napa Valley), Claire and Gonzague Lurton (Château Haut-Bages Liberal in Pauillac, Château Dufort-Vivens in Margaux and Acaibo in Sonoma) and finally Denise Adams (Château Fonplégade in Saint-Émilion and Adamus in Napa Valley) are the cornerstone of this first episode. These charismatic families, all major wine producers, were drawn by the spirit of entrepreneurship, while taking risks to taste the “California dream”. Other well-known American names have taken the opposite path by investing in the Bordeaux vineyard, the true epicenter – in reputation as well as in know-how – of world viticulture.

E Studi’Oz, and PMG Productions, co-producers of the documentary, offer a thrilling investigation, plunging the viewer into the heart of the history and culture of wine.
Recently in April 2023, the film has been awarded by The Annual TASTE AWARDS in Hollywood. The festival is the original awards for the Lifestyle Entertainment Industry, and the highest awards for creators, producers, hosts, and directors of Lifestyle Programs, Series, Shows & Cinema:

– Special Achievement Honoree Award Winners
– Spotlight Award
– Film Category Taste Award Nominees Best Feature
– Length Film Or Documentary
– Best Director Craft Awards Nominees

In addition to this first opus, E Studi’Oz will develop other topics, covering other regions in the coming months to expand the Eastbound Westbound Series. With this goal and to develop its offer, E-Studioz is launching a crowdfunding as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with the Token WINETV.

Through crowdfunding, investors will enable E Studioz to produce, and co-produce with directors, around ten original works a year and will set BlueWine.com to stream hundreds of programs dedicated to the world of wines and spirits. Within 4 to 5 years, this large catalog of content will also enable BlueWine.com to be distributed as a thematic channel by major telecom operators to millions of viewers worldwide.

About E Studi’Oz

Founded in 2019 in Bordeaux by Gerard Spatafora, Philippe Maurange and Arnaud Serre – all three with a background in internet distribution and sales, journalism and tasting as well as press relations over more than 25 years – E-Studioz has a so-lid network in the international world of wine and spirits.

About PMG Productions

PMG Productions is an independent French production company, founded in 2012 by director Julien Couson based in Tours and Paris and with an outpost in Bordeaux.
Its expertise covers several areas: fiction, documentaries, commercials, Storytelling and Live Multicam.

This company is a source of documentaries and histories. It innovates, writes and produces, whether the content is sponsored or editorial. The vision and the company are international, so films have been shot in California, Thailand, Cambodia, the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Moldova – and of course France!



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