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1st Street Crush Announces Inaugural Newspaper Issue in Napa, CA


The 1st Street Crush announces the launch of its new newspaper, which is dedicated to highlighting the top local spots in downtown Napa, CA. Our stories celebrate the town’s people, places, and palates and captures the essence of our community. The biannual newspaper showcases everything happening in the community, from its remarkable cuisine scene of restaurants and wine-tasting rooms to fashion trends and shopping, music venues, local history, wine grower focused stories and special events.

“We noticed a vacuum of uplifting stories at the street level about our favorite town, Napa. Whether you’re a local or a traveler from across the world, the 1st Street Crush is a resource and concierge dedicated to demystifying the experience of downtown Napa and frankly Napa at large,” says Max Wise, publisher.

The first issue of 20,000 copies was printed in early April 2023. A copy was sent through direct mail to every downtown Napa address. Additional copies of the paper can be found at local establishments and traditional street-level distribution racks. The newspaper will also have a full suite of online resources available for visitors to reference at 1ststreetcrush.com.

The combined expected audience is anticipated at 65,000 for the first issue.

Peter Posert, Food & Wine editor also commented “Downtown Napa is a national treasure for food and wine enthusiasts. The city offers locals and visitors so much to see, do, taste and experience – Napa is a thrilling, concentrated, compact wonderland for the senses. We look forward to featuring notable establishments over the next few issues.”

“Local newspapers should be focused on local shops and businesses. News outlets like the 1st Street Crush are one of the best, if not the only way, to highlight the fashion scene at the independent boutique level, where new trends and exciting innovations often happen,” Fashion editor Elana Seabrook observed.

According to Sean Baum, Assistant Tasting Room Manager, Mayacamas Vineyards, “Napa needs the 1st Street Crush. This paper fills a huge information vacuum coveted by every visitor here; where to eat, where to shop, where to stay, unique winery experiences, some history, great local stories, all in a format they can hold in their hands and share. The 1st Street Crush is fantastic! Give me a stack for my tasting room, today!”

Steve Mensinger, Director, Board of Advisors, 1st Street Crush commented, “Our team trusted that the time was right to give back to Napa for all the great life experiences it delivers to visitors from around the world. Creating a media outlet devoted to Napa, and covering it joyfully, is what drives our enterprise every day.”

Wise adds, “Starting a newspaper in print and online at the end of the Covid era has renewed our faith in the power of community media to positively impact the lives of its readers. People want to read positive, uplifting local stories and we know that advertising and promotional opportunities will follow a growing readership.”

To stay up to date with 1st Street Crush, subscribe to the newsletter on their website or follow the publication on social media platforms.



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