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Shannon Family of Wines Releases Their First CCOF Certified Organic Wines


Five Year Project Reaches Fruition

March 29, 2023 (Lake County, California) – Shannon Family of Wines is proud to announce the release of their first CCOF Certified Organic wines this April. These wines are from grapes grown on our high elevation Lake County Certified Organic Estate Vineyards located in the mountains of California’s North Coast at altitudes of 1,500 to 2,300 feet. 

We began farming our vineyards to organic standards in 2019 and became officially CCOF Certified in 2022.  The two wines that will be our first Certified Organic releases are our Shannon Ridge High Elevation 2022 Sauvignon Blanc debuting in our sexy new label, and our Clay Shannon Betsy Vineyard 2022 Sauvignon Blanc.  Following the Sauvignon Blanc releases will be our Chardonnays, and our highly acclaimed red wines later.

“We are incredibly excited about our 2022 Vintage Certified Organic wine releases and believe they are showing the best ever from our vineyards.  Our grape quality and vineyard health has been steadily improving over the years with our commitment to regenerative and organic farming that started with Project OVIS.  Great wines begin with great grapes and these wines are showing the true terroir and exciting potential of our sustainable North Coast Mountain Estate Vineyards”, states Clay Shannon, CEO and Owner of Shannon Family of Wines.

These wines can be found across the county in leading retailers, at our Mercantile tasting room in Kelseyville, California https://shannonfamilyofwines.com/locations/the-mercantile/ and online https://shannonfamilyofwines.com/our-wines/.

Shannon Family of Wine is committed to creating the most environmentally responsible and highest quality wines in the industry. Our earth-first approach to farming by using our sheep herd, our dogs, and working with other local farmers’ byproducts are ways that we are helping to create healthier soils and high-quality wines while adapting to climate change.

As stewards of the land our commitment is to protect and preserve the land for future generations.


The Shannon family is committed to preserving their land, not only for the great vineyard sites but also for the bear, elk, mountain lions, eagles and other wildlife that live there. Of their approximately 2,500 acres, only about 40% have been converted to vineyards. The balance of the land has been preserved for the wildlife which wanders through the property from the expansive wilderness areas adjoining the ranches. The vineyards were carefully planned out, leaving corridors open to migrating animals, protecting sensitive nesting areas, and were 100% CCOF Certified Organic in 2022.

The Shannon Family of Wines portfolio includes Clay Shannon, Buck Shack, OVIS, 13 Rams, Shannon Ridge, Steele Wines, High Valley, Urgency, and Giannecchini.

Currently certified to Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing, Fish Friendly Farming and LODI RULES.  Shannon Ridge is one of the largest CCOF Certified Organic, mountain-grown vineyards in the United States.

For more information on Shannon Family of Wines’ sustainability efforts, visit and follow them on https://shannonfamilyofwines.com/sustainability/ and follow them on Facebook, and Instagram.


Shannon Family of Wines’ Project Ovis is the transformation of their 1,000-acre Lake County Mountain Vineyard Estate into a completely sustainable, regenerative organic farming system.  It is the reimagining of viticulture and winemaking to address the effects of climate change.  

Shannon Family of Wines’ efforts are both holistic and dynamic, combining carbon sequestering practices with permaculture initiatives and energy efficiency applications. Shannon Family of Wines is pioneering change and setting industry standards in an ongoing effort to improve the way we treat the planet and its swiftly dwindling resources. 

Clay Shannon, CEO and Owner, states “Our commitment is to an earth-first approach to farming and wine making. Our operations are 100% Certified Sustainable, and we are one of the largest Certified Organic mountain-grown vineyards in the United States.”

To learn more about Project OVIS:



Shannon Family of Wines is the recipient of the 2021 Annual Green Medal Environment Award, given to the vineyard or winery that best demonstrates environmental stewardship through maximized environmental benefits from implementing sustainable practices.



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