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Simple Labs, Wine Barrel Technology Company, Announces Board of Directors, Relocates to Napa Valley


March 28th – (Calistoga, CALIF.) — Simple Labs, producers of the Cogni™ Wine Barrel Monitor has announced a board of directors, and established company headquarters in Calistoga, California in northern Napa Valley.

Cogni™ is a patented, wireless, continuous, integrated barrel aging monitoring system that in the wine industry can track temperature, humidity, phenol/guaiacol, acetic acid, SO2, pH, alcohol and fill levels, making real-time data accessible to winemakers from anywhere worldwide. 

“With an initial regional focus upon the Napa and Sonoma regions for the release of the Cogni barrel monitor this year, Calistoga was a natural and fitting choice for Simple Labs,” said Simple Labs Founder and CEO Mike Slone, who invented Cogni, “In addition, my family has also moved, and we are grateful for the warm welcome of the upper Napa Valley, as well as the many winemakers and vintners who have shown deep interest in our technology, some even joining our company as investors, directors and advisors.”

The Simple Labs Board of Directors includes professionals that bring human resources and real-world experience from ventures such as the most premium wine producers, successful business ventures, high-level administration, world-renown academic research institutions and technology innovation companies.

Members of the board include: Mike Slone, Founder and CEO; Steve Kalin, Chief Strategy Officer; Mitchell Huang, Chief Financial Officer; Andrea Slone, Director of Operations; Tamara Kalin, Director of Marketing and Matthew Shipley, Product Director.

Simple Labs™ is a technology company with the mission of evolving the production process of products produced using barrels. Beginning with the wine industry, the company provides clarity to winemakers and vineyards during the barrel aging process, through creating innovative technological solutions based on ever-changing challenges and needs. Simple Labs globally and equally supports all winemakers regardless of scale, investing in an immersive understanding of customer needs to offer a personalized experience. The creativity and innovation of the company, arises from deep roots in diversity and a collection of equally-heard voices in the room, actions and causes that are the foundation of the firm. Key tenets include emotional intelligence, social and environmental awareness, a genuine curiosity and kindness filled with empathy. 

For more visit SimpleLabs.com. Follow Simple Labs on Instagram @SimpleLabsInc — LinkedIn and subscribe to the Simple Labs YouTube Channel. Inquiries can be sent to info@simplelabs.com.  



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