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Unexpected Yet Appreciated: Corsican Wines Arrive at Vinexpo America


Corsican wines will have a strong showing as part of the French Pavilion at Vinexpo America /Drinks America, held from March 8th-9th.  With indigenous grape varieties, natural production methods and unique terroirs, the delegation will highlight the best that Corsica has to offer.

New York, February 15th, 2023 –  For the first time ever, the French region of Corsica will exhibit at Vinexpo America /Drinks America with a delegation of 8 winegrowers as part of the French Pavilion. Supported by the Corsican Economic Development Agency, the Corsican Interprofessional Wine Association, and the Corsican Chamber of Commerce, these exhibitors will display the hidden gems of this exceptional region.

The Corsican delegation at Vinexpo America is an excellent opportunity for trade professionals to discover this unique winegrowing region. With 5838 hectares of vines, 9 protected designations of origin (AOCs/AOPs) and 1 protected geographic indication (IGP), Corsica represents a wide variety of undiscovered wines. The island has a long history of winegrowing dating back 2600 years, and many of the sustainable and biodynamic principles originally used are still implemented today.


The 8 winegrowers will showcase these varieties along with other wines at the Corsican booths of the French Pavilion, where trade professionals can discover the diversity that the island has to offer.

While some Corsican wines use classic grapes such as Grenache or Syrah, many use grape varietals that are native to the region and can be found nowhere else in the world. The delegation will feature several of these special varieties such as :

  • Niellucciu – similar to the Tuscan Sangiovese, this grape is dark and rich in tannins, with great aging potential. It produces round and full reds and powerful and spicy rosés (Corsican Group Uval, Domaine de Torracia, Domaine Giacometti, Domaine Vecchio, Domaine Guissani Paoli, Les Vignerons d’Aghione)
  • Sciaccarellu – meaning “crispy” in the local dialect, this grape is supple, smooth and balanced, imbuing wines with the floral fragrances of the Corsican hills. It produces delicate colored pale reds and aromatic rosés (Corsican Group Uval, Domaine Anthony Poli, Domaine de Torracia, Domaine Giacometti, Domaine Sant’Armettu, Domaine Guissani Paoli, Domaine Vecchio; Les Vignerons d’Aghione)
  • Muscat Petits Grains – the only grape in the Muscat Cap Corse Appellation, this varietal is often cultivated naturally. Its sugar-heavy juice is perfect for fresh, sweet whites colored gold to amber. (Corsican Group Uval)
  • Vermentinu – a late ripening grape that requires a great deal of sunshine, Vermentinu is the emblematic grape of the region. It produces dry whites with floral, fruity and citrus aromas. (Domaine Anthony Poli, Les Vignerons d’Aghione, Domaine Vecchio, Domaine Guissani Paoli, Domaine Sant’Armettu, Domaine de Torracia)

In fact, according to Eric Poli, President of the Corsican Interprofessional Wine Association

“The strength of Corsican wines lies in their willingness to adapt, as evidenced by the native grape varieties of the island. These wines have enjoyed continued success by appealing to informed wine lovers and professionals in search of wines with a difference. Today, this identity is undoubtedly the major asset of Corsican wines, and their presence at Vinexpo Americas provides the perfect opportunity for trade professionals to taste and discover it.”

Find the Corsican delegation at booths 725 and 625 (floor plan)

Corsican wines were especially popular within the Christy Canterbury, MW Selection on this year’s French Pavilion as 6 of the producers were recognized in distinct categories for reds, whites, and rosés, underscoring the high caliber of the wines presented. Their regional identity was highlighted by Ms. Canterbury, MW as a point of distinction within the French Pavilion.



Corsican Groupe Uval



The origin of UVAL (a winegrowers’ cooperative) dates back to 1975. Since then, the group has continued to innovate with a research program into new niche areas of both wine and vines. Nowadays, development and acknowledgement of the Corsican varietals such as Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu, Vermentinu is driving high profits for this region.


Christy Canterbury, MW Selection : Best Corsican Red by the Glass


Domaine Anthony Poli




A third-generation producer, Anthony Poli’s estate is located in the town of Biguglia, with a vineyard made up of 8 hectares of IGP Corsican wines planted with Vermentinu and Sciaccarellu.

Christy Canterbury, MW Selection : Best Corsican White by the Glass


Domaine de Torracia



Traditionally farmed, Domaine de Torraccia has always produced organic grapes, harvested, and pruned by hand, from indigenous Corsican varietals that date back 2000 years as well as newer varieties such as Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault.

Domaine Giacometti



Located in the heart of the Agriates, an historic cultivation area in Corscia, Domaine Giacometti farms sustainably and organically. Their wines embody the quintessence of their aromas and the greatness of their origins.


Domaine Guissani Paoli



A white wine specialist, the Domaine Guissani Paoli produces Vermentinu and Niellucciu and is a pioneer in organic and biodynamic farming in Corsica.

Christy Canterbury, MW Selection : Best Aged Corsican White

Domaine Sant’ Armettu



Founded more than sixty years ago by Lucien Seroin and his son Paul, the Sant’Armettu domain blossoms in the south of Corsica, between sea and mountains

Christy Canterbury, MW Selection : Best Crushable Corsican Red

Domaine Vecchio



Domaine Vecchio is an absolute reference in Corsica. They work with old native grape varieties to extract the very essence of the Corsican terroir, and their wines offer an unparalleled purity of expression through HVE production.

Christy Canterbury, MW Selection : Best Oaked Corsican White



Les Vignerons d’Aghione



Since 1975, the Vignerons d’Aghione has represented 12 winegrowing families located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Every year they innovate by proposing new products like Wine Selzer, Orange Wine and more.  As the only CSR (Sustainable Winegrowing) – labeled Corsican wine cooperative, social and environmental accountability is a priority.

Christy Canterbury, MW Selection : Best Corsican Rosé


Corsica is a strategic choice for investors, in the heart of the Mediterranean, with a very dynamic economic growth and an outstanding quality of life. The Economic Development Agency of Corsica (ADEC) is the main partner for all companies wanting to settle in Corsica. As a public and regional entity, the Agency offers free services to help companies in their development. Their goal is to support innovation, develop local production and build international collaborations. Working in partnership with the regional chamber of commerce of Corsica and the professional body the “Conseil Inter-professionnel des Vins de Corse”, they promote their expertise worldwide.



Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and runs the VIE international internship program.




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