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Abruzzo, “Wine Region of The Year”:  The Wine Star Awards Ceremony Went on Stage in San Francisco


The prestigious award given by Wine Enthusiast magazine places Abruzzo among the leading wine areas of the world.  Innovation and tradition, combined with natural beauty and sustainability, are the trump cards of a region strongly suited to winemaking. 

San Francisco, February 1,  2023. The prestigious title was awarded to Abruzzo, as the organizers explained, because “the region is rich in tradition and imbued with innovation, a hidden gem for the most passionate oenophiles”.  The prize is given by the prestigious international magazine Wine Enthusiast to the most interesting nominees in several categories within the wine world.

Wine Enthusiast’s recognition was a tribute to an uncontaminated territory, as described by the president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo, Alessandro Nicodemi, during the Wine Star Awards ceremony, which took place on Monday in the splendid setting of the majestic Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. He noted “hills of a thousand shades of colors and dotted with ancient villages, where the landscape has always been dominated by vines, set between the Adriatic Sea and the massifs of the Gran Sasso of Italy and the Majella.  Within a few kilometers, imposing mountains and a stunning sea, naturally create the pedoclimatic conditions that are favorable to the cultivation of the vine “. These are the ideal conditions allowing hundreds of increasingly competitive companies to contribute daily to elevate the wines and vines of Abruzzo in the world wine scene.

“Abruzzo wine is represented by a multiplicity of companies, from families to cooperatives,  explained President Nicodemi, and all of them are dedicated to producing quality wines, strongly responsible for environmental sustainability and highly dynamic in reading and interpreting the needs of today’s market, without denying their traditions and origins”.

In addition to the recognition of its natural beauty, the link between culture, people, local food, and music played an important role, making Abruzzo “an ambitious destination for sustainable travel”, as the judges of the Awards underlined.

This achievement was also possible thanks to the project called Abruzzo Wine Experience, which enhances tourist routes, capable of combining the uncontaminated cultural and landscape beauty, with the hospitality of our wineries. The project has been carried out by the Consortium, who worked closely with the Regional Administration, to promote Abruzzo as a new wine tourism destination”, concluded Nicodemi.

The recognition as  Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast comes after a great deal of enhancement and promotion carried out over the years by the Consortium. The activities will continue in this direction, with an intense annual program of initiatives abroad, starting with the United States. The US market is one of the target countries, the second for imports of Abruzzo wines, with a share of over 14% of the total value of regional wine exports. From February 1st to February 9th, the Consortium will already be present with masterclasses and walk around tastings in Las Vegas, Charleston, Miami, Dallas and Houston.

About Consorzio Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo

The Consorzio Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo (Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Abruzzo) is a non-profit association, made up of all the entities forming part of the control DOC and IGT system, which aims to protect, enhance and take care of the interests relating to the controlled designations of origin of the regional territory, activities that the Consortium carries out, day after day, with the utmost determination. That same determination which its 210 members – grape growers, winemakers and bottlers, always closely focused on quality – put into their work: from the care of the vineyard to the scrupulousness in the transformation of the grapes, diligence in aging to attention to customer requirements. 

There is no region in Europe like Abruzzo where more than 30% of the territory is protected by four parks (three national and one regional) and a dozen nature reserves and protected areas. It is therefore no coincidence that the Consortium, which has been protecting one of the most authentic resources of the territory for years, has chosen the eagle as its symbol: an animal with a strong protective instinct, as tenacious as the people of Abruzzo.

For more information, visit https://www.vinidabruzzo.it/en/il-consorzio/



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