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Montecucco DO Is Tuscany’s Most Performing Denomination of 2022


With a growth in bottled wines of 35%, the high quality of Montecucco wines meet the most recent consumption trend. The Montecucco Wine Consortium confirms its commitment to sustainability and awareness-raising action on climate emergency

New York, NY, Jan 26th 2023 – January 2023 starts in the best possible way for the DO Montecucco which ranks as the best performing denomination in Tuscany, after wrapping up 2022 with promising records. Data is also confirmed by A.Vi.To (Tuscan DOP and IGT Wines Association) in the December 2022 report – shared with all the regional DOs at the beginning of the month – which, while featuring the main Tuscan denominations, highlights an unprecedented +35% bottling trend compared to 2021 for the small denomination of Amiata, surpassing the results of the already successful 2019.

In this past year, producers had to deal with a wine scene that not only showed great uncertainty and difficulty, but one that also confirmed a ‘new’, worldwide consumption trend that was first outlined at the end of 2020. To begin with, statistics show an increase in sales of premium products, medium to medium-high range, to the detriment of lower-end wines. In addition, sustainability continues to play a key role in consumers  purchasing decisions. Year after year, consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, from both a cultivation and a production standpoint, and will continue to consciously and ethically choose quality, certified products.

“If ‘niche’ and ‘sustainability’ are confirmed as the leitmotiv of the wine market, Montecucco will experience constant growth in a – by now consolidated – scenario of international demand. To prove it, is the extraordinary rise of bottled wines observed at the end of 2022, which ranks us first in the podium of Tuscan denominations” declares Giovan Battista Basile, President of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montecucco. “Today more than ever, the market is looking for products that are reliable, quality- and organic-certified organic. These values are the DNA of our DO, guaranteed by the consortium regulations , and constantly promoted internationally. With 68 associated wineries and 500 claimed hectares (out of a potential 800) spread in the seven municipalities of Arcidosso, Campagnatico, Castel del Piano, Cinigiano, Civitella Paganico, Roccalbegna and Seggiano, province of Grosseto, let’s not forget that the DO Montecucco boasts 85% of organic production. But beyond sustainability, ours is a highly distinguishable Sangiovese – genuine representation of its place of origin and niche – produced by small or medium-sized family-run estates that have been interpreting over the years the peculiar identity of the territory. In short, a jewel of its kind”. Giovan Battista continues “I remember how exactly one year ago Montecucco was included by the famous US magazine Forbes in the ranking of international DO wines not to be missed in 2022. It was definitely a positive start to the year for our denomination, a year that has not failed to meet our expectations”.

The promising trend, however, does not appease the concerns of the Montecucco Consortium on issues related to the climate emergency and the memory of the devastating fires that hit the Cinigiano area in the summer of 2022. Due to disasters of this magnitude, now more than ever it becomes necessary to reopen a debate that doesn’t belong only to the Tuscan agricultural scene. “We reiterate our position regarding the urgency of simplifying the procedures for the construction of water storage reservoirs to counteract the water emergency caused by climate change that is afflicting our industry” says Giovan Battista, supported by the Board of Directors of the Montecucco Wine Consortium. “Overall, the international community should prioritize and implement all the necessary steps to prevent the rise in global temperature and contain its negative effects on both the environment and the production, which in recent years have become increasingly frequent and serious”.

About the Montecucco Consortium (Consorzio Tutela Vini Montecucco)

Founded in 2000 and representing 68 wine producers, the Montecucco Consortium is committed to the stewardship, protection and promotion of the Montecucco wine denomination. The consortium ensures high quality through a set of formal production guidelines for the entire winemaking process, from cultivation to bottling, including a strict traceability system that allows consumers to know the origin of each wine purchased. The consortium’s ability to provide day in and day out support to local growers, assist in brand promotion and focus on the quality of the end product have earned the organization the trust of numerous leading estates and attracted some of Italy’s most renowned producers. For more information visit consorziomontecucco.it.



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