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Provenance Vineyards Names Noel Basso Director of Winemaking 


Provenance Vineyards, a brand of Thomas Allen Wine  Estates, promotes Noel Basso to Director of Winemaking. 

Lodi, CA – January 1, 2023 – Provenance Vineyards has announced the creation of a new position, Director of  Winemaking, and has promoted Noel Basso to the role. President of Provenance  Vineyards, Allen Lombardi, credits Basso’s talent and expertise in an  instrumental contribution to Provenance’s continued successes with retailers  and consumers alike.  

With his new title, Basso will be responsible for overseeing the wine production  for not only Provenance Vineyards, but all brands produced under Thomas Allen  Wine Estates, including Hook or Crook Cellars. With over twenty different labels  

currently in production, Basso and his team will oversee each step of the  winemaking process from fermentation, aging, blending, and finalizing each wine  for its introduction into the marketplace.  

Basso brings with him more than 18 years of winemaking experience, including  overseeing barreling programs, harvesting scheduling and cellar operations, and  maintaining quality consistency across wine profiles. During his tenure with  Provenance Vineyards, Basso has continued to exceed expectations by creating  numerous best-selling wines with 90+ point critic ratings. “Noel constantly  impresses me,” said Lombardi, “He has incredible knowledge and talent, and I  believe that he can and does create some of the best wines in the market today.” 

In addition to overseeing wine operations for Provenance Vineyards, Basso has  lent his time and expertise as an integral part of the winery’s continued  expansion. During 2022, Basso oversaw the installation of over 250,000 gallons  of additional bulk storage, the planting of close to 20,000 new vines, and the  winery’s transition to 100% solar power. With even bigger goals in 2023,  Provenance Vineyards and all of Thomas Allen Wine Estates brands are bracing  for major growth in the coming years. 

About Provenance Vineyards 

Provenance Vineyards is a 22-year-old, premium wine brand, known for seeking  out the finest vineyard sources in Napa Valley and using purist winemaking  traditions to craft well-appointed, approachable wines that express their distinct  origin. Provenance Vineyards discovers the highest quality grapes in Napa Valley  for its Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; Deadeye Red Blend by  Provenance; and Fortitude Cabernet Sauvignon by Provenance. For more, follow 

@provenancevineyards on Facebook and @provenancewine on Instagram, and  visit ProvenanceVineyards.com.



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