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Enormous Variety of Large Format Bordeaux – A Historical First for iDealwine Auction Closing 22 December 2022


Paris, 15 December 2022: iDealwine, a global leader in fine wine auction sales, is currently offering an exceptional private collection of large format Bordeaux at auction until 22 December 2022. The recently announced collection is estimated to be worth between €800,000 and €1M and includes nearly 1,800 bottles (making up over 1,100 lots). The large formats in the collection are very difficult to find elsewhere (ex. imperial bottle of Petrus 2015, double magnum of Château-Lafleur 2016) and some labels, such as Château Le Pin, are amongst the rarest of Bordeaux.

A fondness for large formats

The wines proposed in this sale represent the quintessence of all that Bordeaux has to offer, including famous labels and legendary vintages (Château-Cheval-Blanc 1982, Château-Latour 1953). However, what really sets this auction apart is the number of large and very large formats. Such a diverse range of formats is in fact a first in the history of iDealwine. Interested buyers will find everything from half-bottles to Nebuchadnezzar – with only 581 of the 1,786 bottles being the standard bottle size (750ml).

The seller offering this collection has given preference to large formats not only for their great aging potential, but also for his festive consumption habits, having often entertained numerous guests.

Selection of outstanding lots to be found

Below are some of the particularly remarkable lots being offered:

  • Double magnum (3L): Lafleur-Pomerol 2016, Margaux 2015, and La-Violette 2010
  • Imperial (6L): Petrus 2015, Lafite-Rothschild 2014, and Yquem 2008
  • Salmanazar (9L): Haut-Bailly 2018, Calon-Ségur 2017, and Giscours 2015
  • Balthazar (12L): Clinet 2012
  • Nebuchadnezzar (15L): Sociando-Mallet 2014

An exemplary collection built via en primeur purchases

The collection comes by way of en primeur purchases from the Place de Bordeaux dating back to 2004, where the collector has been a loyal customer for quite some time. Between 2004 and 2015 the wines were stored in the collector’s private cellar, benefiting from ideal storage conditions (temperature, humidity). Bottles purchased after 2015 have been stored in the cellar of the merchant from whom they were purchased. Therefore, potential buyers can rest assured that the conservation standards for each bottle have been of the highest quality.

Although the seller has decided to part ways with certain treasures within his collection, he is also keeping some of the vintages which he finds particularly sentimental.

This auction is available online at www.idealwine.com until 22 and 23 December. The wines are divided into several catalogues to be sold over two days. In order to take part, registration on iDealwine is necessary. The sale is overseen by IWA, a certified auction operator and subsidiary of iDealwine.

About iDealwine

Founded in 2000, iDealwine is the global online leader in fine wine auctions and France’s no1 wine auctioneer for six consecutive years. With its headquarters in Paris, and offices in Bordeaux and Hong Kong, iDealwine is trusted by 650,000 wine lovers in 60+ countries for buying and selling wine.

In addition to the rare wines for sale at auction, iDealwine also offers a vast selection available at fixed price. This selection is continuously growing, with wines sourced directly from a network of over 900 partner domains and a range of old vintages bought from private cellars.

iDealwine has also established a reputation for excellence in wine market analysis, through its annual Barometer publication. The data, drawn from over 190,000 bottles, allows iDealwine to identify trends almost as they happen. The Barometer is an exhaustive guide to the most sought-after wines, top bids, and fine wine trends, a must have for wine lovers, investors, and collectors.

iDealwine ships worldwide, including to the UK and USA.



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