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Matchbook Winery Awarded Sustainable Certification


Recognition of Yolo County Winegrowing Pioneer’s Move to Regenerative and Organic

ZAMORA, CA, November 29, 2022 – Matchbook Wine Company, located in Yolo County, California, has spent the last three years converting their Dunnigan Hills vineyards from conventional farming with the goal of becoming certified regenerative and organic. Those sustainable efforts were recognized in November 2022 by Project Harvest’s California Rules Sustainable Winegrowing certification on the 400 acres of their estate vineyards.

The California Rules Certified Green seal signifies a third-party audited commitment to farming that is environmentally and socially responsible while also being economically viable.

While the winery’s initial goal of improving vine health through regenerative farming was to increase the quality of their Dunnigan Hills wines, “The environmental benefits are now as big a focus,” said John Giguiere, owner of Matchbook Wine Company. The prolonged drought and rising costs make the move to regenerative agriculture more important. Cover crops, grazing sheep and compost teas have eliminated the need for synthetic fertilizers, created a carbon sink and increased the water-holding capacity of the soil.

“It’s been invigorating to take on this large and very important project at this stage of our careers,” Giguiere continues. “Reversing 40 years of farming philosophy is not easy, but we see the need to reduce our farming inputs and water usage while increasing quality and profitability. Sustainable and regenerative agriculture is a win for both the farmer and the environment.”

The California Rules Certified Green Sustainable Winegrowing seal will be added to Matchbook’s estate grown wines beginning with the 2022 vintage.

About Matchbook: East of Napa, Left of Center, the Giguiere family embodies Dunnigan Hills winemaking. In 1981 they pioneered grape-growing in the region when they planted their first vineyard. By 1993 they’d succeeded in making the Dunnigan Hills a nationally recognized American Viticultural Appellation. The Matchbook flame is an homage to the Giguiere brothers’ youthful fascination with fire. Today Matchbook Wine Company produces estate grown, estate bottled wines showcasing the varietals that perform best in Yolo County’s warm, dry climate. www.matchbookwines.com.



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